What are some weird/fun internet holidays?
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Blog Like It's The End Of The World Day is 13 June. Talk Like A Pirate Day is 19 September. Pretend To Be A Time Traveller Day is 8 December. What other weird/fun holidays are primarily observed on or have been mostly popularised by the internet?

The more creative/grass roots/participatory the better, I'm not really interested in any National [N] Day that's promoted and supported by the [N] Marketing Board.
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Towel Day, of course.
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April Fools Day is becoming increasingly widely observed by most major websites, not just with fake articles like you'd expect from newspapers or radio but with elaborate interactive tricks and surprises that could only be done on the web. Even Mefi has gotten into the act most years.
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"November is National Model Railroad Month and Friday, November 19th is the ninth annual Take a Model Train to Work Day."
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who brings the cheese on april 3rd? THE CHEESE WEASEL on cheese weasel day
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The two Pi days (March 14 - 3/14 and July 22 - 22/7)
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On the cautionary side, it was Facebook (and not South Park) that popularized Kick a Ginger Day.

*shakes his ginger mane sadly*
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There's also eat an animal for PETA day (March 15th) and steak and a blowjob day (March 14th), which is sort of lame and sexist but could be funny if you were just into steak and blowjobs and not doing the alternative to Valentine's that it's supposed to be.
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July 29 is System Administrator Appreciation Day.
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Squirrel Appreciation Day of course, yesterday on Metafilter. I plan to feed my squirrels, albeit a day late. Few squirrels have calendars so it should be ok.
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It hasn't happened yet, but 11-11-11 will be Nigel Tufnel Day.
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Steak and BJ Day.
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October 8 has been Elephant Day in the past, but this last one went unobserved.
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Festivus was originally portrayed on Seinfeld in 1997, but its increasing popularity seems to have been due in large part to Internet memetic powers.
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Cephalopod Awareness Day.
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Prehistoric creatures day!

I celebrate it. It came from here.
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This past June 15th was Cheer Up Keanu Day — as noted on Metafilter, but also in mainstream media sources. Completely born of an internet meme / Facebook thing. I don't know that there are plans for it to recur in 2011, but it was certainly grassroots/user participatory/not-sponsored-by-the-greeting-card-lobby.
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VelociRapture Day, aka Raptor Jesus Day, shall henceforth be the day & month of the last rapture prediction that obtained significant lulz.

In other words, we celebrate Raptor Jesus Day every May 21st until another bigish rapture prediction occurs, thus shifting the date.
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