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I need new sofa cushions. Help!

I bought a sofa less than two years ago, and the seat cushions have completely packed in - no matter how much I plump them, it's like sitting on rocky pancakes. Obviously, I was expecting a bit more out of them, but it's looking like I'll need to get replacements.

Hollow fibre cushions seem to be the most popular option, but this is what my existing cushions are made out of, which makes me somewhat wary. Foam cushions seem to be more durable, but seem to be a fair bit less comfortable. Then there's feather cushions, which are the premium option, I guess?

So how do I buy sofa cushions that are comfortable and durable? Just sitting on them doesn't really give you an impression of how they're going to feel in three years' time. Are some hollow fibre cushions made of sterner stuff than others, and if so, is there anything I should be looking out for? Or is it worth paying the premium for feather? And can anyone recommend any good UK-based manufacturers? Thanks!
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As someone who has owned a couple of down-filled sofas, I have to say I will NEVER do so again. What a pain in the rear to have to fluff them all the time so they look halfway decent and are comfortable enough to sit on (comfortable for about 15 minutes). They always look sloppy and require constant attention. For my current sofa, I actually replaced the down inserts with just foam and could not be happier. I would look for a local upholstery shop, explain your concerns and get their advice. Just avoid feathers!
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Response by poster: Just in case this turns up in future searches, I did some more research and ordered some foam cushions wrapped in hollow fibre. They're really nice so far, and feel a hell of a lot more durable than the last set. Hopefully they'll last more than a year this time.
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