How does one commission a Firefox Extension/ Greasemonkey script?
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How does one go about hiring someone to create a specific Greasemonkey script or Firefox extension for them?

As per a previous post, I'm in the market for a web browser with gray-scaling abilities (a la ghostzilla). Ghostfox wasn't the answer and searching through numerous Greasemonkey scripts and Firefox extensions yielded nada. So how does one go about commissioning a script or extension from the developer community? Anyone have experience contracting or being contracted to work on a such a project? What kind of fee is associated with this kind of labor? Does it matter that I would want this script/extension to be available to everyone?
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Response by poster: @ WCityMike: looks like a possibility, thanks for the suggestion. I guess I'm trying to tap the FF extension buidling/ Greasemonkey script writing community more directly.
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I hired a kid through rent-a-coder to build one for $15.
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I guess I'm trying to tap the FF extension buidling/ Greasemonkey script writing community more directly.

Greasemonkey can't do what you want. I don't think even a Firefox extension will be able to shift colors on the output of other extensions, especially those that output directly to the screen, e.g. Flash. To work well enough to be useful, this gets into some pretty low-level programming. I don't really know how much, but I suspect the fee would be significantly more than you'd be willing to pay.
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Response by poster: @ brokekid: Good to know. I might have to hit you up for his name.

@ scottreynen: Hmmmm, that makes my pocketbook start to ache. Thanks for the heads up though.
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This forum sounds like they are trying to achieve something similar to what you describe.
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