Magnolia or Delicious?
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Magnolia or Delicious?

I've used Magnolia and Delicious for a while now and need to settle on one. Magnolia looks better, but it seems all the geeks love Delicious. Does one have something over the other that I'm not getting? Has anyone used both and have a concrete reason they pick one over the other or is it simply personal taste?
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I think has better Firefox extensions. YMMV.
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Because it's not so full of that fucking Web 2.0 bullshit on every page. It's so refreshing to use a website that's...just...text.

Don't believe the magnolia hype.

Seriously, though, it's all personal taste. Don't fret.
posted by Jimbob at 9:55 AM on September 6, 2007 because it works on every browser since Netscape 2, and sometimes that really matters.
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Use If you feel you want to change, you can always import bookmarks into ma.gnolia.

I've tried both, and feel is better, simply because it's just so clean and simple. Does what it says on the tin, basically.
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What you're not getting is that is way older. Like years older... 2003 vs 2006 or so.

Check out this blurb:
Ma.gnolia is a new social bookmarking site. That’s right folks - another one... So yes, it’s a good effort - but also a completely unimaginative one. How many more photo sharing sites, social bookmarking services, ajax start pages and online calendars can the market withstand? Is Ma.gnolia bringing anything new to the table, or just rehashing the same old formula? I think it’s a shame to see talented developers and designers building me-too applications when there are so many great ideas still up for grabs.
The question is more, why would people switch to Magnolia from Delicious?
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I continue to use despite them having been bought out by the anti-midas Yahoo. If Ma.gnolia is still independent that may be an arguement for using them (I dread the day Yahoo integrates IDs ala Flickr).
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I'm completely biased in favor of Delicious, but here's what I think: do your friends - and other people who have bookmarks that you're interested in - use Delicious or Magnolia? It's social bookmarking, so if your friends use it, you'll get so much more out of it. (Note that Delicious has a ton more people than Magnolia does, but Magnolia does have a bunch of interesting people too.)
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I will throw yet another log on the fire for I stick with them because of the nearly infinite amount of things you can make it do.

A bit of a self-link, but I did a presentation for librarians that went very well for the 5 weeks to a social library event. Check it out if you're looking for ways to leverage

I'm not sold that Magnolia is nearly as versatile.
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ma.gnolia is easier to use, though, especially if you're trying to implement a company-wide sharing plan. We picked it over because of its moderation abilities, and tasty looking interface.

Maybe it's not as technology-rific, but my boss understand it, and that's a big plus.
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"The question is more, why would people switch to Magnolia from Delicious?"

* I can login using OpenID
* I can use tags with spaces
* thumbnail screenshots of sites linked (a little wonky, as some screenshots are to the front page when I link inside a site)
* groups, private and public
* it's prettier
* their tech support rocks (haven't tried' tech support though) and the community manager links to and comments on most reviews, positive or negative
* permanent links for each individual bookmark, so I can refer to a specific comment someone made without linking the page with everybody who bookmarked something
* ratings (you can do it in with tags, but that's not very elegant)
* I could (and did) import every single bookmark, though saving an XML file to my HD then importing it to Ma.gnolia is awkward
* I can thank and be thanked for bookmarks (which makes it more social than if I don't get cues that people are listening, it makes it more difficult to share)
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Note that all the things sillygwailo lists as extra "features" could also be considered "extra junk". Why would I need to make "groups" on a social bookmarking site? Why would I need tech support for something so simple that has just always worked? Why would I need to rate bookmarks (makes me immediately think of Digg...) or thank people for bookmarks?

I don't. Sillygwailo does. What do you need to do?

One one end of the scale is, with pure simplicity in concept and execution. On the other end is, say, Stumbleupon, with flashing lights and funky colours. Magnolia is in the middle somewhere.
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I've been using Diigo which synchronizes with both of them.
posted by Boobus Tuber at 1:53 PM on September 6, 2007 has been rewritten from scratch and the new site will debut fairly soon, to boot.

I'd second StumbleUpon for a not-quite-orthogonal experience, as well. :)
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A complete rewrite mixed with a redesign. Wow, talk about tempting fate.
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Thanks for all the input everyone. Lots of good points that will help me pick one or the other.
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