Note-taking Firefox extension?
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Are there any Firefox (or Chrome or Safari, I guess) add-ons that will allow me to make a blank tab that I can type text into? In other words, any extensions that will allow me to take notes inside FF rather than in another program?
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Best answer: You could use Evernote's web interface in a tab. This would have the side benefit of keeping your notes in a cloud-based services that syncs to your devices, if you're into that kind of thing. You could also use a Google doc in a tab.
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Best answer: The url "" will open up a blank Google document. You could make that a bookmark toolbar link, or even your blank tab url.
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Best answer: Or try Right Now.
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Best answer: I use SourceKit, a Chrome App. It lets you edit (and create/delete) files stored in Dropbox. The downside is that it doesn't work offline. (It's accessing Dropbox via the web interface, not the Dropbox on your computer. Works great when I'm using a computer I can't install Dropbox on.

Also for Chrome, Write Space. It is intentionally minimal, à la WriteRoom, but it does work offline.
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I don't know about the browsers you requested but Opera has a note-taking functionality.
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Best answer: Ooh, I have one for you! I haven't used it in this capacity so I don't know how great it is, but with ScrapBook for FF you can open a tab, open ScrapBook (from a favicon), use the menu drop-down menu within ScrapBook to create a note, and then either write the note within the ScrapBook sidebar or expand it to the whole page. It might not sound as 'immediate' as I think you were looking for, but the whole process took me about 5 seconds when I just tried it. And then you can easily save your notes within that system as well.

N.B.: I've been loving ScrapBook because, unlike Evernote, it lets me clip AskMe answers, so I have tons of AskMe recipes, etc. saved in it. Very convenient.
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