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Looking for a Firefox extension or alternative browser that allows for web pages to be grayed out (specifically images) a la Ghostzilla.

My daily work load comes and goes in cycles and so I often find myself with any where from 5 to 20 minutes of free time to do what cube monkeys do best, surf the web. I'm pretty active on Flickr as are many of my friends and so I'd love to be able to be editing image tags, descriptions, etc. during these intermittent periods of lulled labor. Unfortunately the way the desks are arranged in my office more than a few people have a clear view of my monitor. Clearly nothing x-rated going on in my web meanderings, but it still doesn't scream productivity to those that see my monitor from 20 ft. away on a regular basis.

Thought about using Ghostzilla purely for the grayed out image capability, but am worried about incurring the wrath of IT since that would be using an unsecure browser. I'm not worried about IT tracking what I do since I'm pretty sure they don't care as long I'm not posing any kind of security threat. I mainly just want to be able to browse knowing that the images of my friends doing stupid stuff aren't crystal clear to my bosses/co-workers who sit behind me.

Any ideas?
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Google turns this up: Ghostfox.
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not exactly an answer to your question, but if you are spending a lot of time editing flickr tags you might want to check out the flock web browser.
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Response by poster: @ exhilaration: Sorry, should have prefaced by saying that I've already used my Google Fu and searched past AskMefi pages to no avail. Ghostfox looks great, however its features page doesn't mention anything about graying out images.

@ phil: I've heard of flock but never looked into it. Always willing to check a suggestion. Thanks!
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Just a pointer: I'd check out the capabilities of Grease Monkey, and their website full of scripts. A few quick searches leads me to believe that there isn't somethings that's exactly what you're looking for (which is what I originally was thinking), but you might be able to use some of the code from similar scripts.
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