Where to find kese?
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Does anyone know where I can purchase a kese (some examples here) in person in the Boston or NYC areas, or online?

This place, which has a storefront in Brookline, doesn't sell them, nor did they know any place locally that does.

Most of the sites I find are accepting inquiries for (bulk?) purchases rather than selling single ones outright. I see a lone ebay seller in Turkey with some, but I'd prefer to drop my $8.00 at a more established online presence if that's the route I have to go. Teşekkürler!
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I found a few sites that sell individual ones by image googling the word kese. Here, here, here and here.
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I've seen similar items in the middle eastern stores in Watertown, on Mt. Auburn street (Boston area). Try Arax Market or Sevan - even if they dont have them, they may know who does.
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Thanks, iconomy and darsh. I hadn't thought to look for images in google and while I'd prefer to purchase in person I may try out one of the online options. The shops over in Watertown are a great idea - hadn't thought of them!
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