Looking for the cadillac of loofahs
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What's the best thing I can use to wash my body?

I'm sick of buying loofahs that unravel in a month. Ideally it's something that lathers up nicely with soap and is not too abrasive. It doesn't have to be a loofah but \I prefer those over bath sponges which seem to absorb all the soap and feel rough.

Blow my mind (and body), Metafilter!
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This might be too "rough" for you - it is definitely something that exfoliates - but the Salux Nylon cloths from Japan are pretty awesome and make good lather and don't really wear out that I've seen.
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Buy eight really nice wash cloths (the fluffy ones will lather up great) and use a fresh one every shower. Eight will give you enough of a stash for laundry interval purposes.

Personally I've never understood why people want to keep rubbing a grody loofah that sits and moulders in the shower 24/7 all over themselves.
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In my opinion there is nothing better than a giant tub of chemist's own brand aqueous cream and a cotton washcloth (a fresh one each day).
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If you knit or crochet, you can go nuts with DIY loofahs, scrubbers, and washcloths. Cotton and acrylic yarn are both good options and machine washable. There are a ton of free patterns floating around, and because you make it yourself, it's fully customizable. I'm currently in love with a plain garter stitch washcloth.

(I've also attempted to crochet with sisal twine for its heavy-duty scrubbiness, but it can be tricky to find sufficiently thin twine in the hardware store.)
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I like these shower gloves - usually 2 pairs for $1 in the dollar stores. They last for ages, and it's really easy to use them, just put a dollop of shower gel on the wet glove and away you go.
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I also use the Salux cloths (Japanese Beauty Skin Towel), and at first it was just to have something long enough to do the two-handed back-scrub, but I keep using them because they dry completely with no nooks and crannies for creepy shit to grow - and then I also periodically machine wash them (in a lingerie bag so they don't scuff up my towels) with my towel laundry.

You certainly could, if you got too enthusiastic, take a layer of skin off with them, but you learn what kind of pressure to use pretty quickly.
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I have waffle-weave linen washcloths that I believe to be the Cadillac of exfoliating devices. They get softer with age, but of course still have the waffley texture.
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The Salux towels, definitely. People often ask me to bring these back from Japan with me for them. (Even though you can buy them on Amazon.)
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I love those Salux cloths! I have sensitive skin and don't experience irritation when using them. They do come in different "strengths."

If you want some luxury, this glove is pretty great, too. I machine-wash mine.
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Giving more love to the Salux Nylon Cloths. Beware of imitations!
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Target sells, or used to sell, these great washcloths with a special scrubbing layer on one side. They are in the dishcloth section for some reason. They are great. They work great, they're inexpensive, easy to find (except for how I can't find them on Target's website right now), and you throw them in with your bleachables, they don't need any special care.
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Are you talking about the nylon mesh shower scrubby/poofy things? Or the actual organic "loofah"? I like the nylon ones, but the only reliable way I've found to get a good one is to buy a random one at the store that you like the feel of and use some embroidery floss (or dental floss) and a yarn needle to sew it together sturdily. You can find DIY videos around the net from people who make them from scratch, but I'm never that motivated--I find that they hold up OK if I just find the end and make sure it's well fastened down and add a few extra stitches to hold the middle together.

Then use a fisherman's knot to tie the two ends of the wrist loop together so they really won't come apart (works great on slippery nylon!).
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I go the other way, I take the the nylon mesh shower scrubby/poofy things and undo the cord holding them together, which results in a long tube of plastic mesh, then cut a square of the plastic mesh off the end and use that like a washcloth. It's not very durable but since you get like ten feet of the stuff for a dollar I just toss out the old square regularly after it's become frayed.
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Nthing Salux, they are the bomb. I wish I'd known about them years ago.
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Has anyone mentioned Salux cloths?! (Because yes, Salux cloths, most definitely. Completely awesome.)
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I have only one follow-up question...

Where has the Salux bath towel been for my whole life!?!?!
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