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Recommendations for great bath/body products for men?

I want to get my husband an assortment of really good shower, shaving, and self-pampering toiletry products for his birthday-- stuff that's better than what we typically buy at the drugstore, and stuff that feels/smells masculine. I'm already getting him some of the unusual perfumes mentioned here (thanks PhoBWanKenobi!). What else is there? As far as tastes go, in the past month I've determined that he likes Neutrogena shaving cream (he says it goes on more smoothly) and Rainbath body wash (which feels clean to him), while he dislikes Aveeno body wash (which he says feels gooey). I can just replenish what he already likes, but I thought I'd ask for your recommendations. Have you found any soaps or shaving creams that are even more pleasant than the abovementioned varieties, or would make good gifts for a man? Thanks in advance.
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Ok, I know this doesn't really seem masculine, but I promise it's not as bad as it sounds. The best shaving cream I've found is Nancyboy. It's great stuff. If you're really concerned about the macho factor, maybe get the replenishing one instead of the signature, but I use the signature. All of their other products I've tried have been good too, but the shaving cream is the only one I really buy regularly.

For body wash and shampoo, I like Aveda Rosemary Mint. I once got some Molton Brown black pepper body wash that I liked well enough, but my wife hated it, so out it went. YMMV on that one.
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Lush's Cosmetic Lad
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My boyfriend really likes this Aveda aftershave. He has semi-sensitive skin...and oh damn, as I went to look it up for you, it seems it's been discontinued! DAMN IT. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread, too, then!
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Shaving soap is by definition manly, so you could get him whatever you like. That being said, something like Tabac is a classic choice with a manly image. I also like the L'Occitane Cade soap and aftershave balm, both make for a very pleasant shave and look somewhat fancier as gifts.
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L'Occitane's Cade shower gel is great.

Ren's body washes are also good. Their shaving oil is the nicest I've tried.

Kiehl's Musk Eau de Toilette is a pleasant, manly scent.

None of this stuff is desperately cheap, unfortunately. At the cheaper end of the scale, Original Source - a UK brand, if you were able to get your hands on some - does some decent shower gels. They don't always feel that natural to me, though, despite how the brand markets itself.
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This is an awesome shaving cream.
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My guy is a fan of Sabon, especially their lemon-mint products.
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Classicshaving has a good selection of shaving stuff. They're how I found my safety razor (a no frills model) and the excellent Feather-brand blades.
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A couple of people have mentioned traditional shaving creams. There is a whole universe of high-end skin care products (and blogs talking about those products) when you start shaving with a safety razor (aka double edged razor, or DE razor). The shaving cream is part of it, but using a shaving brush is also part of it, along with the DE razor. Places that sell these products also sell a variety of pre-shave and after-shave skin care products. So, to give you some specifics --

previously on metafilter

a guide to the gourmet shaving experiences (lots of products called out by name)

My favorite shaving cream is Cyril R. Salter Indian Sandalwood. Note that you need a shaving brush for this. If I'm in a hurry or traveling, I'll use King of Shaves AlphaGel, which you can buy at CVS or Target and doesn't need a brush.
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I like the Molton Brown products which I assume you can get in the USA.

There is a good list of them here and you can often buy a gift pack which contains 3 or more items for a reasonable price.
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Lance Arthur's Guide to Man Grooming series highlights quite a few products.
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Truefitt & Hill. I would murder a hobo for a lifetime supply.

If you're husband has never been to a high-end barber for a proper shave-- and I mean a Man's Barber not a salon or spa or any of that nonsense-- that would be a great gift Some place like this.
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L'Occitane's Cade shower gel is due to be discontinued this month, if it hasn't already been. Agreed on it, otherwise.
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This is the most masculine stuff I've ever found. Their Dusk is like extract of manly man. And it happens to be organic.
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They're making Coate's shaving cream again, you know.

Also: Taylor of Old Bond Street (a.k.a. TOBS), Proraso shaving cream (the green version of which sells at Bath & Body under the name C.O. Bigelow: lots of menthol for summer's heat!), Mitchell's Wool Fat shaving soap (mmm, lanolin!), and cheap-and-cheerful Kiss My Face have cream (sold at Whole Foods, I think).

Some people hate the scents of the Crabtree & Evelyn men's products, but I like Sienna and Nomad. (In fact I shaved with Sienna shaving cream this moirnign and then but on the Nomad aftershave balm. I love 'em both.)
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it's kind of expensive so i feel stupid buying it but This is the best soap i've ever used. it has the exact right amount of abrasiveness to it and is a little citrusy. following a shower and a good hot shave (badger brush, DE razor, as mentioned above) and i really do feel friggin awesome.
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If you don't feel like going the classic-shaving route (although, disclosure: I did, and have never gone back) you should check out Kiehl's shaving creams. They're the best non-brush-and-mug shaving creams I've ever tried.
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preshave oil from truefitt and hill literally changed the way I shave, from a nightmarish chore that I avoid to something almost pleasurable. The bottle is expensive but lasts for months and months (and I use a lot).
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Familylink here, but these are high-quality, niche body care products with really nice fragrances: Baudelaire's Provence Sante men's line. I use the shaving cream in the green tea fragrance and really like it. Not manly in a man musk kind of way, but not girly either.
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My boyfriend has enjoyed everything he's tried from the Aveda Men's line, especially the Pure-Formance stuff. I love the smell so much that I've used the shampoo a couple times myself. The Pure-Formance line is a pachouli-based scent but is a lot more complex than just pure pachouli oil (which he's not a fan of). It all works well and goes a long way.
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Great suggestions, all. Thanks so much!

The macho factor isn't so important-- I was just trying to guide the answers away from The Body Shop.
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During a hot Philly summer, if he likes to shower at night or after work, I HIGHYL recommend Aveda Rosemary Mint shampoo. I started using the stuff a decade ago when I lived in Texas and I've been buying it ever since. NOTHING is better on a hot summer day!
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