Best Bubbly Bath Bomb?
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I tried my first bath bomb/epsom salt mix a few days back and I loved it, but I wanted more. I want my tub to temporarly become a high powered jacuzzi. Where can I find ( or how can I make) the most aggressive, bubbly, foamy, churningly tingly bath time additive?
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There are jacuzzi mat things you can put in your bathtub. Add any bubble bath and you'll get a three-foot wall of bubbles, no lie.

If that's too much, I really like Lush's bubble bars. Agitation is the key to creating lots of bubbles; I like tying a chunk of bar in a pantyhose foot and dangling it directly under the faucet. This also minimizes cleanup if you get one of those bars filled with glitter or dried flowers or whatever.
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That's the citric acid reacting with the baking soda, such as this recipe. You can also add Epsom salts. But that's why they also recommend cleaning your dishwasher with packets of unsweetened Kool-Aid. Citric acid (found at wine making stores, some pharmacies and I have seen it sold in bulk at health food stores).

Martha Stewart uses silicone ice cube trays in her recipe.

The sooner you use them the better they will fizz.
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Lush bath bombs are....the bomb. (Sorry.)

Not necessarily more "aggressive" than any other bath bombs out there, but the scents and colors they produce are really great.
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Not all the Lush bath bombs are bubbly, though, fair warning. (My personal favorite, Butterball, smells lovely and is ridiculously moisturizing, fizzes a bit, but does not bubble in any significant degree.)

If bubbles are the critical feature, you may want to be looking at Lush's bubble bars, instead.

Though there's some Venn diagram overlap. Last night I tried out a Twilight bath bomb not expecting it to be particularly bubbly, but I got a pretty decent quantity of surprise bubbles along with my lovely purple bathwater. A++ would submerge my naked body in it again.
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Do they have to be "fizz" bubbles? Because you can also get devices which hang over the side of your tub and bubble the water. Search "portable hot tub" and similar.
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