Financial Industry Web Site Staff Levels?
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I'm the Web systems manager at a large financial management company (in the Janus / Nuveen / SEI territory) and I'm having a hell of a time discovering industry-relevant staffing levels. Anybody have references or anecdotes?

I've got three content producers and three coders and we build and maintain four regionalized brochureware public sites, one information- and functionality-heavy password-protected client site and a Web-2.0-ish intranet. All our code is written in-house in Perl, while the content comes from the research and sales sides.

God knows, I'm not looking to empire-build, but the scope and volume of work has exploded over the past year. I'd like to be able to point to other firms in the industry as examples of what appropriate staffing is, but haven't been able to contact my equivalent in similarly-sized companies. The Nielsen Norman Group publishes a "best intranets" guide every year, and for these firms' intranets alone, the average staff is over nine.

Has anybody worked on Web sites in the financial industry? Or knows someone who has? How many people were involved?

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Whenever we want to justify something to management, we typically look to Gartner. I'm not saying I personally put much credence in them, but our management does.
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