Looking for a program that will track deposits and expenses
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Looking for software or an app that will allow me to track expenses via SMS, but that will also allow me to track how much money is left in my account.

I've been using Xpenser for the past few days and really like it. However, I would really like to find a solution with the following features:

-Ability to enter in a balance for my account and then have the software deduct my expenses from said balance.

-To be able to record deposits.

-Enter expenses and deposits in via SMS and then have the program send me an SMS indicating how much money I have left.

Does such a thing exist? I am willing to pay, so no need for only free software/app recommendations.
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Have you already looked at mint.com or yodlee? Not SMS, but still what you are trying to do, but more automated.
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Honestly, for ease and simplicity of use a small notebook will do the trick. Enter your balance, enter every deduction, total as required, balance against statement regularly. You can enter your expense in the same time as it takes the supermarket register to spit out your receipt and the balance is there for calculating when ever you want.
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Honest questions (from a software developer):

How much are you willing to pay?
Know anyone else who'd need this?
What kind of reporting do you need?
Does it need to talk to any other services (like a bank account or something)?

I have experience with developing telephony-enhanced websites - working on something right now actually - memail me if you want to talk further.
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