Department of Infectious Disease
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Medical School Filter: Infectious Disease Department on the West Coast. Please recommend a good university for an overseas visiting professional.

California universities would be ideal.
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University of Washington has a stellar ID program, but obviously not in California.
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Division of Infectious Disease at UCSF. But I don't know how good it is.
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I guess the Infectious Disease program at UCSF is ranked third nationally. So not too shabby!
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The UC San Francisco Medical School was ranked as #5 overall. and as #3 in ID. So that and Stanford (also in those lists) are the two obvious choices.
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UCSF has an excellent ID department. For HIV, specifically, it doesn't get much better than that.
Stanford is also excellent, and UC Davis is the other medical school in Northern California. Someone else will have to fill you in on Southern Cal schools.
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The other California medical schools that haven't yet been mentioned are the UCs: Los Angeles, San Diego and Irvine; USC; and Loma Linda. That's probably a reasonable order to rank their overall academic strengths and funding, too.
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I have no idea about clinical training, but there is a fair amount of interesting infectious disease research happening at UCLA. Is this for a fellowship or something? If this person is from southeast Asia, the Fogerty program funds a lot of health professionals to come here for the purpose of studying HIV issues.
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This is sort of a weird, general question. For what purpose is this recommendation? To give a lecture? To do some research, apply for a fellowship? To receive medical care? What is your specific field of interest?

Just about all of the ID divisions at each UC school, Stanford, OHSU, and UW are pretty solid.
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It was a very general question but AskMe came through once again. Thanks, all.
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