Day Trips Across the Border from Berlin?
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What cool places in Poland and the Czech Republic are feasible as day trips from Berlin?

I'm in Berlin for another two weeks or so, and have ample time to take day trips, but, for various reasons, want to spend my nights in Berlin. I'd really like to get across the border(s) to Poland (never been) and the Czech Republic (only been to Prague, which was underwhelming), especially to smallish places. Are there any cool small towns, goofy locales, seats of natural beauty, etc. in the western part of either country that you'd recommend visiting for the day? I don't have a car, so I have to stick to trains, but I don't mind a long transit time - anything up to, say, four hours one way is OK. Thanks for your help!
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Karlovy Vary - Take a day at the spa
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I haven't been there in years and years (but I was born there), but Szczecin is a nice smallish, but large, town a short ride from Berlin (about an hour). There's a nice Prussian castle, some cathedrals and a city plan designed by the guy that designed Paris.
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Way back, at the beginning of the '90s, I made the trip from Berlin to Auschwitz.
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about 2-2.5 hours by train from berlin.
easy to get around, great central square and fun night life.
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I went to Mikulov, an hour or two south of Brno, when I visited the Czech Republic. It's really really nice small town, with good hiking and friendly people. It's also quiet and free of tourists.
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Kutna Hora! An hour from Prague. Visit the Ossuary
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