Help me post a video on Wordpress. Please!
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Help me post video on my Wordpress blog. Please!

I am trying to post video of my daughter on my Wordpress blog. I can encode to any format: swf, flv, wmv, whatever. I would like to use flv for security but am open to anything. Right now I have the video posted thru Vimeo, but I would rather host the file myself on my own server.

I have my own server, my own home-rolled WP installation and it seems every plugin I try, just flat does not work right. Is there an easy way to post any-and-or all of those formats without having to do a page of xml or html for every video?
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Response by poster: PS. I did not post my site as I am not sure about cross-posting rules here. Feel free to message me though if you would like to see the setup if it will help you make suggestions.
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Would this help?

Also, I've also done YouTube embeds with the help of this previous AskMe answer.
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Damiano99's plugin is not necessary for YouTube embeds in the current version of WordPress. You can just place the YouTube "embed" string within the <code> </code>brackets and you're all set. If you want to host your own videos, it's pretty much the same thing, only with a local URL . . . and with the cooperation of your web host. Some of them make it hard or impossible to host your own video content.
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Amazon's S3 service for serving your data @~$.15/gb for the bandwidth (S3 Organizer FireFox plugin for ftp-like controls)--- For a widely used, and opensource embeddable flash media player, I really like this one by Jeroen Wijering.
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Best answer: I use the FLV Embed plugin, which makes it all super easy. It uses Jeroen Wijering's flash player, but I think they basically all do - it just does the job so nicely.

Simply upload your .FLV file to some known place on your server - or any server, it doesn't have to be the same one the rest of your site is hosted on. To use it you just put a really simple tag into your post:
[flv:url_to_video width height]

Or populated:
[flv: 320 240]

For videos I didn't make myself, but which I want to include in a post - let's say, like a Chimpanzee doing sit-ups with his bulldog personal trainer, on YouTube - I use the above mentioned Vipers Video Quicktags, which is also really good and easy to use.
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WordTube is the best video plugin I've found. Really really easy to use. Upload the video through its interface, put in the title, etc, and then automatically insert it into a post by entering [MEDIA=ID]. You can also make playlists of multiple videos.

Check the site, they've got examples.
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