Oh, so you're flipping videos now? That's cool.
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We're using iPads for users to post videos directly to our Wordpress site through the official Wordpress app. The videos are being recorded on the iPads, and posted through the app's media upload feature. When we do this through the HTML4 options (which uses embed) there are no controls to start the video playing. When we do this through HTML5 the videos are rotated 90 degrees. Any ideas what's causing this video weirdness and how to fix it?

  • I wish that we could use an outside hosting service for this, but due to filtering issues we have to host the content locally, and direct uploads from the iPad are the easiest way to do this.
  • The accounts that people are posting on are Author accounts that I'm using a role scoping plugin to allow unfiltered_html on.
  • HTML5 video tag has been used successfully on the site before with no strange rotation.
  • The iPads insist on saving and compressing the videos as .MOV quicktime files, which is somewhat infuriating (50 megs for a one minute video!) but also workable (most videos will be around a minute anyway, and we have the server space for it). If there's a setting I'm missing to save as a different filetype then I'm all ears.
  • For the moment I'm unable to touch our iPad library again and update with new apps. So an app-based solution may be interesting, but not immediately feasible.
Thanks for any help anyone has in clearing this up - it's really stumping me at the moment.
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Response by poster: Oh, forgot to add: when we look at the videos in the media library they're fine... oriented properly, no problems playing, etc. It seems that the problem is entering when the code to display the video is being parsed.
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