I guess some people really do read it for the articles.
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Asking for a friend: what is this bawdy folk-ish story involving a criminal, a judge, the judge's wife, and forced sex with a goat?

Friend believes he read this as a kid in an uncle's Playboy's Ribald Classics collection circa early 80s, and has always wondered about the specifics of the story/what the source might be.

The story involves a robber or highwayman who accosts a judge traveling with his wife and daughter. After robbing them, criminal has semi-consensual sex with the daughter and forces the judge to have sex with his wife while looking on.

Later, criminal is caught and brought before the judge, who allows his wife to name the sentence. She decides that the criminal should be made to have sex with various farm animals. Friend believes the punchline was, "And now you know what it's like to be fucked by an old goat!"

This should be so easy to Google, you'd think, but apparently it's been decades with no luck. Any ideas,Metafilter?
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