How can I make my JW videos embeddable and Facebook share-able?
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How can I make my JW videos embeddable and Facebook share-able?

I'm hosting videos on Amazon Cloudfront, and playing them in the JW player on my Wordpress site. I would like to make these videos embeddable, my main interest being to make them share-able on Facebook (which I realize is probably its own ball of wax).

I've found scattered documentation, but nothing that really thoroughly tackles this problem head-on, which, it seems to me, must be common: Wordpress, JW Player, Facebook sharing.

I'm not afraid of a little code, but I do need more direction than I have been able to find, and that includes the Facebook API documentation.

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This page describes the header tags you need to add to your site. You apparently also need to manually request that your videos are embeddable.
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Response by poster: I'm aware of that page... that's what I meant above by the Facebook API documentation. And Facebook has approved my request.

The problem is more complicated than just inserting the recommended tags. When I do so, the video itself is stripped out of the wordpress post.
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