Counseling for Teens
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Where can a teen get free, discrete counseling in Toronto?

I'm a teen and I'm looking for someplace that I can go to talk to a counselor, preferably without having to wait months. This is no emergency but I'd really rather not postpone it. And by discrete, I mean I don't want to have to get my physician's referral or my parent's permission.
If you have any questions you can send them to
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Try JD Griffin.

J.D. GRIFFIN ADOLESCENT CENTRE. 24 Silverview Drive. Toronto, Ontario M2M 2B3. Phone: (416) 222-1153 Fax: (416)222-1321

It's located in North York, just off Yonge near Finch Station. I'm not sure if they require a doctor referral--but you are aware that if you are over 16 you are entitled to precisely the same doctor-client privilege that your parents are? Even if you're under 16, I believe (though am not sure) you are entitled to a certain amount of privacy.

Also, please learn this phone number and keep it memorized:

Kids Help Phone. 1.800.668.6868. They're available 24h a day, for any conceivable issue, and will be happy to help you find somewhere if JDG isn't helpful (though, I think they will be--fantastic staff there).
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I was coming in to mention Kids Help Phone but dirtynumbangelboy beat me to it. So: What he said.
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More to the point (I meant to say this)... make sure your friends know that number, too. It's totally anonymous, and staffed by some of the most empathetic and truly caring people you can possibly imagine.

Call them. They'll help.
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I hate to add on to this question, but does anyone have any suggestions for finding resources like this in other places? Like Dallas, for instance? A friend of mine (really!) could possibly use a service like this.
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