How do I find a good therapist in Toronto?
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I'm in Toronto and having an, err, identity crisis, coupled with feelings of anxiety and depression about my life. Does anyone have any recommendations for a therapist who would be good at dealing with these issues?

The basics, in case it matters: I have a university degree and went to college after to train for a specialized job (one you cannot get without this specialized, college training). But 4 years in and I'm just really not happy. Tired and stressed all the time, and my blood pressure goes through the roof when I'm at work, to the point where my MD has me on blood pressure meds (my BP is fine when I'm not at work, I know, I check it regularly). I'm in my 30s and take extremely good care of myself otherwise, so people are always shocked that I'm on meds. Anyhow, that coupled with depression and anxiety issues (that I've had for many years) makes me realize I need to talk to someone to help me figure out what the hell to do and how to cope.

I have insurance coverage (not much, but some) so would prefer someone who is an RSW or Reg. Psychologist, which is all my plan will take. But if someone is just awesome, I can try to pay out-of-pocket. I'd prefer someone who isn't just Freudian, and CBT seems like it would be useful, but honestly I'd be happy to take recommendations for any modalities you'd suggest.

To be clear, I have searched through old AskMe stuff and didn't find anything recent about this. And yes, I can google, but with stuff like this, I really prefer a personal recommendation.

Thanks. And if anyone isn't comfortable answering here, try instead.
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Another avenue for paying for therapy is through a workplace EAP (Employee Assistance Program) - if you are with a larger employer, this may be available to you. I saw someone this summer who is a psychotherapist (not covered by my husband's insurance), but she was able to help me significantly through the process of determining that my ongoing depression was actually due to undiagnosed ADHD, and she supported me through following up with my GP and Psychiatrist. And it didn't cost me a thing, for about 8 sessions.

If you would like this practitioner's name, feel free to MeMail. :)

Now that I am in school again, I am seeing a school counsellor, and we have been working on mindfulness practice - this is a newish modality for treating depression/anxiety (I have a friend out east who is working on her doctorate in clinical psych, studying mindfulness as treatment for anxiety/depression). I have done CBT, but for me, the mindfulness practice has been a lot more effective - YMMV. Depression-free for 9 months and counting!
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comment from a user who would prefer to remain anonymous "Linda Gruson is a psychologist and does CBT. My insurance covers her, so hopefully yours will, too. Her office is on Yonge near Lawrence. 416-967-0867."
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If you ask your GP for a referral, and discuss with him/her the sort of person you feel you would connect with then you should have some luck. That's how I found a therapist that helped me immensely with work related stress that was crippling me. Unfortunately, this was many years ago and I don't have the therapist's name any longer.
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I'm not sure why you're leaning so much towards the therapist option without even trying a psychiatrist first. If you want CBT, you can go to a psychiatrist instead of a therapist, in which case OHIP will pay for everything. Maybe you see psychs as pill dispensers, but no, they do plenty of other stuff as well.

Bring this up with your doctor (I'm surprised he/she hasn't already, to be honest with you) and they can give you a referral. Or check out the programs available at CAMH. I'm pretty sure you can just phone and make an appointment with them.
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