When you gotta go to the BIG dance
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Where is the biggest surviving dancehall in the united states?

I'm looking to find places like NY's legendary Savoy ballroom that have a history as a master dance palace but is still standing today. It can be something else today (and I'm sure it is given the lack of enthusiasm for gigantic legendary dancehalls) but it needs to still be up and open to the public in some way today (basically not condemned is what I'm looking for here).

And I'm looking for places - plural - because I may need more than one. It's for a something that may involve multiple giant dance pieces in it and it's all got to be authentic.

Any thoughts?
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According to Wikipedia, the dance hall at the Avalon Casino on Catalina Island is the largest circular ballroom. It was built in the 1920s. Here's an interior picture. And the exterior.
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Not the largest, but the Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee, Wisc., is part of a concert complex now known as The Rave. It originally opened in 1926 as the Eagles Club.
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Gruene Hall in New Braunfels bills itself as "Texas' Oldest Dance Hall." It was built in 1878, and is used as a concert venue today.
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... and then there's The Great Saltair, on the shore of The Great Salt Lake, which once had the world's largest dancefloor.
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Gruene Hall isn't that big.
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I guess you're right -- but it's old and authentic.

It has a capacity of 500, fwiw -- I guess it depends on how big you're looking for ...
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The Aragon Ballroom in Chicago was built in 1926, holds 3000 people and is still used for dances today (and concerts too.)
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The Crystal Ballroom in Portland, Oregon.
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It's not a ballroom any more, but it's not demolished either. The Wavehouse at Belmont Park in San Diego used to be a ballroom back in the 20s. I wish I could find information about it online, but you might be able to find some at the San Diego Historical Society.
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