Need a psychiatrist in Toronto
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I need a psychiatrist.

In Toronto, needing a psychiatrist. No private insurance and no spare money, so it needs to be someone who takes OHIP only.

Dealing with severe depression (off and on lifelong), suicidal ideation, self-destructive behaviour.* Also queer, but that's not a contributing factor, but queer or queer-friendly would be good.

Anywhere in Toronto is fine.

Throwaway email:

* I am safe and secure. Not going to injure myself. This is more about fixing what's broken.
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hoping some toronto residents will chime in with actual suggestions, but does your public insurance program have some kind of referral service, or at least a list of participating doctors? it might be a way to at least get started.

obviously, if you do find yourself in acute distress, the emergency room at your local hospital ought to be able to hook you up.

good luck, and glad you are taking charge.
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Check this recent thread. Maybe you'll find something helpful there...
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I know the Sherbourne Clinic does a lot of good work. I haven't personally been to any therapy there, but I have volunteered for them. They are known in particular for their familiarity with all sorts of LGBT issues. I'm pretty sure it's all covered by OHIP too..

Check out

The other option is CAMH, who definitely do outpatient stuff as well as dealing with severe chronic problems.

As far as I am aware, any psychiatrist should be free as they are doctors. The only way you'd end up paying is if you went to a psychologist.
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A referral from your general physician may help find someone too.
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Yes, as far as I know you need a referral from your family doctor to get free psychiatry. I began seeing a new family doc shortly after moving to Toronto. I had been dealing with depression/anxiety for a while and decided it was time for outside help. On my first or second visit I asked for a referral to someone who had been suggested by a friend (I'll email you the name) and my doc took care of it without any hassles. On my initial visit to the psychiatrist he asked to see my OHIP card and I never paid a cent. Psychiatrists are also preferable to psychologists because they can prescribe drugs if necessary.
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