Seeking t-shirt screenprinter who can handle a short run of tees with an oversized print.
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I'd like to print about 100 t-shirts. The trouble is that the art includes a large image that fills much of the front and wraps around the to about 4 inches on the back of the shirt. The local shop that was recommended to me can't handle a print this large but they say there are those who can.
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Not a direct answer but perhaps some leads. This site Old Crappy Tee has an article on wraparounds, perhaps you could track down the companies mentioned in the article.
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Doing a print like that requires a belt printer, which very few print shops have (very few as in almost none). If you do find one, their minimums are going to be more than a 100 shirts.
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How much of the front? If it's only 4 inches onto the back and not the WHOLE front, it might be possible to just print it with the shirt kinda sideways. Many local type shops aren't really up for anything other than straight forward "normal" prints with the shirt squared up on the palet. I'd suggest you check out an arty printer. I used to print a lot of shirts for bands and we'd do all kinds of weirdo stuff and are used to smaller runs. You'll usually get a much better price too.

check out shogun screen printing (sorry, i dunno the actual real website, but they are legit dudes)
or mammoth
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