How will I live without my emailz?
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Which pay-as-you-go wireless provider has the best coverage in Telluride?

I'm going to the Telluride Blues and Brews fest in September. I will be there for about a week, camping in the vicinity. I have a Nextel Blackberry now, but based on their coverage map, I'm SOL anywhere near Telluride. I really don't want to be too far out of communications range of my wife and kids, and as a datacenter manager, I also would like to try to keep in touch with work and watch my email if possible. I guess the second part of my question then would be, what options do I have for a pay-as-you-go that will give me internet access and a device that does email and web?
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If Virgin Mobile has coverage there you could pick up a $20 phone and put the minimum $20 on account and then use gmail via the web browser on the phone. It's not an elegant solution, and with the cheap phones you won't have a keyboard. I believe the VM phone with a keyboard is $99.
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Dittoing VM, if the coverage is there, but VM is on the Sprint PCS network and I would imagine that if Nextel isn't there, Sprint isn't either.
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Response by poster: Well, my own research shows no VM coverage, but there does appear to be substantial Sprint coverage (based on coverage maps on the respective sites). Also, there's a testimonial on this site that Sprint works at least in town.

I guess what I'm hoping for is personal experience from MeFites who live in this neighborhood and have cell phones there.

I do appreciate device recommendations too. I will probably get a used one on ebay if it's practical. Does anyone know if I can get a Sprint Blackberry and point it at my company's BB Enterprise server?
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I can't speak to Telluride specifically but I have lived all over Colorado including much time in the high country and on the Western Slope and I had the best luck with AT&T wireless (this was before they were Cingular and now again AT&T or whatever). I presently have Verizon and have had very good luck in rural areas. But, keep in mind I know nothing about data, just calls. Maybe you could call the local chamber of commerce--I bet they get this question a lot? this googled up

Can I get cell phone reception?

Most cell phone companies have reception here in Telluride. Some however will be on roaming. Sprint and Cingular carriers will not have very good reception. However, Verizon and Alltel will have reception that does not place you on roaming.
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Cingular and Sprint have fine coverage in Telluride.
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