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August 21, 2014

Will good Fall color extend into October in Telluride, CO

My wife and I had to move our road trip to the Telluride area back a couple of weeks to the first week of October. I'm worried that we will be greeted with bare aspen trees! I know that the timing of peak color can change from year to year, so I realize that any advice is just a best guess. So, are we in luck? Thanks!
posted by Don_K around Telluride, CO at 10:30 AM - 7 answers

February 25, 2013

Sturdy carrier for 6-month-old

We're about to embark on a vacation to Telluride with our 6-month-old son. While we're not harboring any delusions about bringing him skiing, we'd like to take him hiking, possibly snowshoeing. What's a good, structured carrier that can accommodate him comfortably? He's fairly small for his age, just now able to fit in his "6" clothes.
posted by mkultra around Telluride, CO at 9:50 AM - 19 answers

July 25, 2007

How will I live without my emailz?

Which pay-as-you-go wireless provider has the best coverage in Telluride? [more inside]
posted by CaptainZingo around Telluride, CO at 4:36 PM - 5 answers