Keeps me searching for a disk of gold.
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Where can I find trendy jewelry that the beautiful people wear?

I know of Alex Woo.

What other places can I find current, "it" jewelry in precious metals without an outrageous price tag?

I've been seeing a lot of layered gold chains and fine gold chains with gold disks on celebrities. I like the look. I'm stuck on the idea of a single gold disk on a fine chain but I can't find one. I've tried QVC and other online jewelry sites without success. They're full of generic looking box chains and herringbones. Online jewelry sites that carry such things are greatly appreciated.
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Can you show us a photo of someone wearing the general disc on a chain look that you like? Also, have you tried etsy? I visit there every single day and love to buy the one of a kind indie things there. Here's the metal pendant section, for example
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Response by poster: I like etsy too. The last time I looked at etsy, I didn't find what I was looking for.

This is close to what I'm looking for. This price isn't bad, but I think it's sterling silver and I'm looking for yellow gold. A single disk on a chain or small stationed disks are good. I want something simple that I can wear everyday. I saw the necklace again on a reporter covering the Harry Potter mania in London. Her necklace had two tiers with a few small disks. I see them a lot, but can't seem to locate one to purchase.
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Alex + Chloe is awesome and pretty trendy, but also just a wee bit expensive.

I haven't seen anything that sounds exactly like what you're looking for, but check out day-lab, Kimberly Baker, Amy Bengston, or Amy Tavern.
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emitations has a section on celebrity jewelry. This kind of looks like what you describe.
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I'm not sure what constitutes super-expensive, but here are some sites I like to browse for "current" and "unusual" jewelry: Fragments, Me & Ro, and JB Dylan. They each carry a range from reasonable sale price (OK, maybe not Me & Ro) to really expensive. You might have some luck purchasing a chain and a gold charm/disk separately, if you feel up to assembling. I make jewelry in my (HAHAHA!) spare time and buy some of my "finer" supplies from Rio Grande. You need to be a "member" to shop, but as far as I can tell, I got a member number by requesting a catalog. Feel free to email me if you have any questions - I'd be happy to help you put something together!
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Best answer: You might want to look around at The Clay Pot. Here is one option from their site, and another. But there are lots of others there, some less expensive than others.
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Oh! And Satya has a gold-filled disk with a lotus flower stamped on it - some have little dangle-y gems. I have one of them in sterling silver that's nice for layering.
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Response by poster: Thanks everybody for the fantastic sites. I bought this necklace. So pretty! Thanks katie.

I have my eye on a couple of necklaces by Kimberly Baker that love vs logic posted. I'm still shopping. Need more disks.

Thanks again.
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