Koss SB45: What kind of connector does it have?
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Skype Headset Filter: I'm planning on buying a Koss SB45 headset for skyping. My main question: What kind of connector comes off of the end of it [is it just ONE 1/8" miniplug??], and will it work with my Powerbook 15" 1.33Ghz G4 without a USB dongle? (Sub-question: Any skype headsets you'd recommend over the SB45?)

And if its just one 1/8" miniplug, why? Don't computers tend to have a microphone in port and a line out port separately?
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I don't have the SB45s, but based on the technical specs it looks like it just has the 1/8" connector.

You're going to want a USB mic for your Powerbook. I use the Plantronics DSP-500. They're a bit bulky, but I haven't had any issues with them.
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That is a little odd. I have a cheap analog headset and it has two 1/8" connections, one for the stereo audio to the earphones, and another mono one which is the microphone's connector.

I suppose it's possible that the headphones are monaural, and the other connection in the 1/8" stereo jack carries the microphone audio, but I find it hard to believe that they're selling mono headphones particularly when my $5 ones are stereo.

What's weirder still is that the "USB adapter" on the Koss website has two 1/8" jacks on it, for use with a headset that's set up like mine.

I kinda suspect that maybe the headset does have two 1/8" jacks, but they're not showing them in the photo for some reason. If for some reason it really only has one, I'd avoid it like the plague, since getting it to work with equipment that has separate jacks is going to be an issue.

Second the idea of just getting a USB headset for your Mac. I use the cheap headset and a Griffin iMic adapter (mostly for Skype), and it's a PITA. I wish I had just gotten a Plantronics one instead.
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I am sure it has two 1/8" connectors. It won't work otherwise.

I use this Logitech headset which includes a case (which I don't use because it's plastic and pointlessly large) and the USB adapter.

With my MacBook Pro, it seems to work better (higher line level? I don't know) through USB. Great for Skype, though. According to my Skype-partner-in-crime, anyway.
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It's got two connectors, as the USB dongle accessory takes two connectors.
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I can verify that it has 2 1/8" connectors because I work for Koss. Thanks for pointing out the omission on the website as well, I'll get that fixed asap.
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