How can I find a copy of an 80's mexican movie?
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Help me watch an 80's Mexican movie movie in which I was a child actor. (The movie features the cure for homosexuality!)

Item's question about a "queer mexican kidnapper movie" brought back memories of a movie I was in when I was 9. You can read the story in this comment. The movie is titled Clandestino Destino, the director is Jaime Humberto Hermosillo, and it was distributed by Clasa Films.

I want to watch the movie, but there are many obstacles, this is what I have managed so far:

The movie should be in the Universidad de Guadalajara's video archive, but they claim they lost the video copy (It is considered the worst movie made by that director, and for several years he was in charge of the archive, coincidence?), and only serious researchers can get access to the film archives. The Cineteca Nacional in Mexico City should have a copy, but the only way to find out is to go there, and that is quite impossible for me right now.

I found some crazy Spanish guy's page where he claims to have a copy, but he will not answer my emails (he is into alchemy and conspiracy stuff, no idea why he likes this movie).

I have found references to the movie in some academic works, and in some cultural studies programs at different universities, but not in their main library catalogs.

Lastly, the film was distributed by Clasa Films, either as Clasa Films, Clasa Films Mundial or Clasa Films International. I could not find their website or phone number, but they seem to have an office in L.A.

So, if you are in the film world, in L.A. or Mexico City, if you have access to university libraries, if you have a weird video collection, if you have mad google skills or any other superpowers, please help me get a copy of this movie.

I am willing to buy, rent, or download.

Thank you very much.
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IMDB says it was released in 1987, and was also known as "1999", which might help searchers.
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Here's the Latin American Cinemateca of Los Angeles, which has a huge number of links for Latin American and Latino film.
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Halfway down this page there's some kind of a download for it. I think it may be the soundtrack but I'm not sure.
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Response by poster: mdonley, I had already found that page, the most promising link is dead :(

iconomy: How did you find that page? It is a soundtrack, but I have already contacted the poster, lets hope he has the movie :)
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I don't remember, to tell you the truth. Good luck - hope he has it!
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Also, I discovered that the distributor also goes by the name Clasa Films Mundiales, and there are tons of google returns for that name, although I didn't look through them all.
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Another also! I came across this, which mentions a site that showed the film in 2002. Long shot, but maybe they either still have it, or have the means to get it again.
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