Which microphone should I buy?
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Which microphone should I buy to do fieldwork in the jungle?

I'm looking for a microphone to use to do some linguistic fieldwork with some indigenous communities in South America, but I'm not sure what kind to buy.

My needs are a bit unique, so let me explain a bit more:

I do not want a unidirectional mic (this is not for interviews); this one has to be able to capture surrounding speech – I want to, for example, hang it from a tree and record speech in a 5m radius. Also, it should be battery-powered.

Any ideas or suggestions?

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Hmm, well you might try something like this AKG mic...it's got an omnidirectional pickup pattern, and it's designed for electronic news gathering, so it's likely to be more rugged than a studio mic. As a bonus, it's a dynamic mic which means it doesn't require an external power source or a battery, just plug it in to your recording device (minidisc, DAT, whatever) and go.

Good luck!
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I used a Rode NT4 to do ethnomusicological fieldwork in South America, and loved it. It is a rugged stereo mic with the condenser capsules in an X/Y pattern, plugs in with either xlr or 1/8", and has a 9V battery so you don't need an external power source.

If you're recording outside, and it's at all windy, you'll need a furry windscreen (not just a regular thin foam one) like this one.
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Electrovoice make some dynamic omnidirectional mics that are worth a look. The 635A and the RE50 sound pretty good and are indestructible.
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Core-sound makes great binaurals with battery boxes. You can clip them anywhere and they sound fantastic. There's a low-cost (under $100) and a regular ($200-something I think) version.

I have the regular ones and I use them for all sorts of field recordings. They sound terrific, and they're tiny enough to be unobtrusive.
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I always recommend Visivox. The Hammerhead might be what you're looking for.
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