Wanna beach bum it up for a month in March!
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Less touristy Central American beach spot to plunk down for a month in March? Thinking Quepos, Costa Rica, got anything better?

I've got a little over a month between contracts at work coming up and I want to take a budget trip South, probably Costa Rica or another Central American country as that's about as far as my flight budget will take me.

As I don't drive or want to spend too much, I'm planning to just plunk down in one place, rent a room in a hostel or get a small apartment and stay a month. I know some will scream at the idea of staying mostly in one place for a whole month but that actually is super appealing to me.

I want to spend around $2k Canadian total including flight from Toronto, lodging, and expenses. A little more is ok but if I can keep it under 2k my finally paid off credit card will be thrilled. I want beaches and jungle in walking distance. I like snorkelling so if there's a good spot reasonably nearby (Something I could walk to is good, operated driven tour is less good but still better than nothing). The less touristy the better, but I'm ok with some. I definitely don't want anywhere the massive Spring Break crowds will be hitting!

The best option in my mind right now is Quepos in Costa Rica, it has beaches and jungle and national park nearby, and seems to be big enough that I won't be entirely dependent on tourist traps and small enough to easily manage getting around, getting groceries etc. Looking at flights and hostels, that comes in at around 1.2k before living expenses, so budget seems doable. I am open to other ideas though! What should I know about Quepos, or what is your favourite place to drop out for a while?
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Quepos is lovely and has things like grocery stores, but I wouldn't describe it as "less touristy" (less touristy than, say, Orlando, sure but... ). Down the coast a bit (though I'd take the inland route over the mountains) is Dominical, which has far fewer tourists, but enough to have a small tienda or two.
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I liked Quepos a lot. however, all the best snorkeling & hiking is in Manuel Antonio, which can get very touristy. (SO gorgeous, though.)

maybe also consider Playa Manzanillo on the Caribbean side, right near the Panama border. I prefer the Caribbean coast to the Costa Rica Pacific, and it tends to be less touristy. Manzanillo is very close to Puerto Viejo (bus-accessible), which is touristy but more in an ex-pat surf bum sense; it has a few big grocery stores & tons of amenities. Manzanillo, however, is tiny and super laid-back. the ocean is gorgeous and jungle is everywhere. also, Panama's Bocas del Toro archipelago is easily accessible for a weekend trip.
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It is incredibly quiet in parts, close to nightlife and many beaches, dry, hot weather, "cowboy" country with a laid-back pace of life. I had swaths of space to myself.
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Haven't been there myself, but my sister and BIL ADORE Belize, and usually spend a month or a month & a half there in January/February.
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Another vote for Brasalito ... I wish I could spend years there.
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The Nicoya Peninsula is really beautiful and isn't nearly as touristy as Quepos or Manuel Antonio. The jungle pretty much extends to the white sand beaches. I have only been to Santa Teresa and Malpaís--the beaches are great and not crowded at all, at least when I was there in March. On the eastern side there's Curu Wildlife Reserve and Tortuga Island, which is said to have great snorkeling (but it's probably a day trip). I have heard so many good things about Brasilito and Playa Conchal (also good snorkeling) that that's where I would want to go if I were to visit again. I don't know anything about any public transportation, but the roads are notoriously bad and a lot of people get around on ATVs. There's a pretty comprehensive guide to the area at www.nicoyapeninsula.com and it should give you a good idea if it's what you're looking for.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! Definitely looking into Puerto Viejo especially! Does anyone have any tips on longer term renting, rather than hotel day rates? I'm finding a bit on Airbnb but more options are always great!
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Hi, I just spent 3 months bumming around central america-- beach places I stayed at:

Playa El Tunco in El Salvador -- a tiny surf beach in the middle of nowhere. Literally one street with 4 or 5 hostels and a few restaurants. Tons of Australians and Americans there, super cheap -- I think I was spending $15 a day there, meals, hostel (with a pool!) and beer included. I liked it there, but it got a bit boring after a week or so, and if you have a low tolerance for crusty surfer types, you might want to skip it

San Juan Del Sur in Nicaragua-- Another super cheap town. There's like 4 or 5 isolated little coves there. Tons of surfing, much bigger town, and lots of big bars and places to party at. If you get tired of partying, you can take a day trip over to ometepe in lake Nicaragua to climb volcanos, or visit Granada, which is a great colonial city. I'd totally recommend this part of Nicaragua for any vacation, by far my favorite place in central America.

Quepos and Manuel Antonio -- Breath-takingly beautiful, but everything in Costa Rica is like three times more expensive than anywhere else in Central America, especially restaurants and tours. I stayed at a hostel on the road from Quepos to Manual Antonio which had amazing views and was a short cab ride down to the park.

Puerto Viejo -- This is a seedy party town, especially down by the coast. If you're looking to do a bunch of cheap coke and go out drinking and dancing at night, this is the place to go. I really liked the beach there, though, there are coral reefs right on the shore which break the waves early so you can swim comfortably in fairly deep water. If you're not looking to party, go a little bit down the road and there are a bunch of isolated hostels/hotels/resorts deeper into the jungle. We went to one that had sloths just hanging out in the trees when you woke up in the morning, it was amazing.

Bocas Del Toro, Panama -- This is my number two recommendation. Fairly inexpensive. You can stay in town at one of the hostels and take a boat over to a resort called Red Frog which will charge you only $3 to go in. It has snorkling, and there are lots of bars and clubs to party at, but it didn't feel as edgy as Puerto Viejo did. You can actually do Puerto Viejo and Bocas Del Toro on the same trip -- there are shuttles that will take you across the border from one to the other (including a fun walk across an old railroad bridge when you get to the border).

Another option which I ran out of money before I got to do -- you can go to panama city and book a yacht trip to Colombia for like $350-400 a person and you stop off at the San Blas islands on the way.

If you want specific recommendations for hostels and so on or help planning your trip for any of those places, feel free to memail me.
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Thanks all! Definitely looking into Puerto Viejo especially! Does anyone have any tips on longer term renting, rather than hotel day rates? I'm finding a bit on Airbnb but more options are always great!

Re-longer term renting -- A friend of mine rented a fully furnished 2 bedroom house in downtown San Juan Del Sur for < $300/mo. There's actually a real estate office in town. There were a bunch of places renting out in Quepos and Manuel Antonio, too, but I was there during off season, so it may be harder to find places during dry season. I think most places don't like renting for one month only, but you should be able to find stuff when you get there.
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