How to get MT to see my stylesheet?
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Movable Type stylesheet issue: MT3.2 won't link to my stylesheet. And I can't find my problem covered anywhere (in forums or in MT's documentation.

Nothing had been changed or fiddled with, except that I added a URL to my index page and rebuilt it, something I've done a million times.

My blog functions as my writing portfolio -- it's where I post my work and a huge reason I get work.
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Can you post your code as an example?
posted by sephira at 7:33 AM on July 21, 2007

Have you viewed source and looked at the link to the stylesheet to see if the link is broken or just not there at all?

Post a link to the blog and I will take a look, if you'd like. MT/Typepad blogs are one of my specialties. :)
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yeah, post a link.
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The code looks okay, and it's referencing the stylesheet, but it's just not seeing it somehow.

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This is the link in your blog to the style sheet.

Not right, it should be
Movable type uses a token,
< $mtblogurl$>
, to generate the stylesheet link. So there's your problem, MT is using the wrong URL. Notice that your links all start with
which I assume was not the case before?

It's possible/probable your webhost/registrar has changed the way it handles mapping. Also doublecheck your MT settings, go to blog -- publishing settings and double-check the site URL and site path fields.

As a quick fix while you're dealing with that piece if you want it to look better you can hardcode a link to your style sheet into the templates, like link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" (except with brackets of course).
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Hmm. I hardcoded the link into my templates and also changed the pub settings (switching site URL) and nothing happened.
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(and of course I rebuilt all my files)
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there's an extra < at the beginning of the reference. right now it is:br>
href="< http:br>
you should change to href="http:
posted by miss tea at 1:34 PM on July 21, 2007

damn sorry, it got mangled. but the last bit is right, check the syntax...
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thanks. I'm blind.

really: xoxoxo to miss tea....
posted by mdiskin at 3:55 PM on July 21, 2007

glad to help :)
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