Trying to find a broadband checker site
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I used to have a link to a very very detailed UK ADSL broadband checker - it gave lots of information about which broadband providers were enabled on each exchange, instead of just giving generic info about the quality of the line, as most of the checkers do. Of course, I've lost the link, and Google isn't helping. Does anyone know the site I'm talking about?
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Best answer: Sam Knows?
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Is that it? I'm in Australia but it sounded similar to something I came across but for here. Just came to me where I found it and that was listed with it so maybe? Hope it helps??
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Think Broadband (which used to be
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Response by poster: that's it Caek. Thanks!

thanks to all for the suggestions.
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Sam Knows isn't very accurate. It doesn't mention my ISP and it also says that my postcode has cable, which it doesn't.
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