ChicagoTransportationFilter: Help me get from O'Hare to Schamburg tomorrow morning.
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My flight arrives at 6:40 and I need to get to the Hyatt in Schamburg by 8:15-ish. Prefer train but don't know if it's possible.

I'd like to keep the trip as inexpensive as possible and know that I can take a cab for $24.

I prefer to take a train if possible but don't know what series of trains I would take or if the schedule would work given my timeline.

Arlington Station to the Hyatt is $10 by taxi.

Thanks in advance.
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Best answer: From the TransitChicago planner, the easiest way there would be to ride the Blue Line east one stop to Rosemont, and then get a transfer to PACE bus #606. This goes express between Rosemont and Arlington Heights/Schaumburg/etc.

I don't remember if you can get a transfer from PACE off of a CTA card, maybe someone else can refresh my memory..

Here's the readout from transitchicago (CTA trip planner)

Depart: O'HARE CTA At 06:45 AM
Arrive: ROSEMONT CTA At 06:52 AM
Take PACE BUS # 606
Arrive: GOLF & HYATT At 07:28 AM

Regular Fare: Senior/Disabled Fare:
$ 2.25 $ 0.95

Also see the PACE route details:
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????'s info is correct, but it will be hard to make it via public transportation within your time frame.

i question the $24. cab ride--that seems low, unless you arrange a ride beforehand. if you get a cab at the airport from the queue, it'll be a city of chicago cab, and their rates double for trips outside of the city.
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Response by poster: This is where I got the cab info.

TO/FROM O’HARE: $24.00 for up to 4 travelers. Call (888) 533-4240 after picking up luggage at O’Hare.
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Thats the best price you're going to find on a cab there... Usually the cost is about 32 dollars for American Taxi and 303 taxi. Taking the cab is the quickest way you'll get there... Public transportation to Schaumburg is almost unheard of.
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I've done the exact route above to go to IKEA. It's definitely doable.

Yes, people will look at you strangely for crossing a street in Schaumburg, but the Pace bus drops you right in front of the Hyatt on the trips marked "H".

The walk from the Rosemont stop to the bus station outside will take you about 3 min. (unless you're running full tilt past other passengers), so the above schedule is cutting it close. The Blue Line schedule isn't reliable, since there are many slow zones on the line. It's more of a suggested schedule.

When you catch the train will depend on how long the walk from the terminal to the Blue Line takes -- I'm not sure how long that is. Also, to give a cushion, figure you could wait at least 15 min. for a train. And you'll have to have small bills on you to buy a transit card from the machine (it doesn't take credit or give change).

Pace does take CTA cards, and they honor CTA transfers. So the fare there is $2 train, $0.25 bus. But CTA doesn't honor Pace transfers -- it would cost $3.50 to take the same trip back from the hotel to O'Hare ($2 train, $1.50 bus).
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Just a friendly warning: If you miss that bus you are pretty much good and fucked. PACE is a suburban bus company which does not run often. Pay for the cab.

Not to mention you're not getting on the blue line at 645. Your plane will get there when it gets there and you should assume 30 minutes minimum from landing to butt on train.
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Are you checking baggage? At OHare that could means 45+ minutes from landing to butt on train.
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Actually, the #606 runs every 15-20 min. during rush hour.

But, yes, if you are delayed at all, or if you miss the bus, just get a cab, no sweat.
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Have you checked to see if the Hyatt has an airport shuttle?
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Try for the #606. It runs pretty regularly. I've used it fairly frequently and have never had a problem. If it doesn't work out, the bus terminal doubles as a taxi stand and there will probably be a few waiting there.
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agree with stuboo. try the shuttle.

or hell, you can get a limo for $4 more.

don't mess around with public transit when you HAVE to be somewhere. especially if you've got luggage to drag along with you.

sounds like this is a business trip, won't your company reimburse you for the cab?
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As someone who tried to do the Chicago fly-in-get-public-transit-by-a-specific-time-for-a-business-meeting a month ago, I agree with everyone above that said to just get the cab/shuttle.

Long story short, the blue line from O'Hare screwed me. I showed up just under an hour late, sweaty (from running my ass off in 90 degree weather with luggage to try and trim any time possible to make it to the meeting) and uncomposed. Luckily the other guy showed up late, too. (not an hour late, but we were in contact by phone with each other letting the other know we were going to be late).

I love Chicago and it's relatively easy public transit system (it works but isn't 100% time reliable) but don't try to skimp on this for any meeting that has any major meaning.
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I'd recommend either American Taxi or 303 Taxi. You can call an 800 number at the airport. It looks like the trip to Schaumburg will be about $28. It's a flat rate and it only takes about 5 minutes after you call for the taxi to drive up. I can't get the link to work but go to, click on Airport Rates. I've always used American and never had a problem. It says that it will take 25-35 minutes (but who knows what time of day that is).
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Response by poster: Just wanted to give an update. I'll respond to a few of the comments above.

@ets960: Public transportation to Schaumburg may be unheard of for most mefi users, but I assure you, the folks on the bus with me had certainly heard of it. The bus was full and everyone was taking it to work - from Rosemont to Schaumburg corporate centers.

@limeswirltart: I went to IKEA too. I ended up getting a 2-day CTA pass for $9. Much easier for an out-of-towner than dealing with change and buying new tickets for everything.

@damn dirty ape: "Just a friendly warning: If you miss that bus you are pretty much good and fucked." Not true. The cab is always an option. Your question about checking bags was a good one. The short answer was no. Had I been checking bags, I wouldn't have even considered public transportation. All I had was a courier bag.

@desjardins: I don't care for the shared ride vans and I agree, if I wanted to spend the money, I certainly would have gotten the limo for $4 more than the shuttle/cab. It was a business trip and yes, work would have paid. I work as a fund raiser for a non-profit though so every dollar I spend is [at least] one I have to raise :). Besides, I had already been traveling for a couple of hours and by the time I got there, I had a couple of hours left to kill. I was just looking for some adventure. Public transportation is a great way to get to know a city.

@jkl345: No major meaning for my meeting (and my plane was early) so I had plenty of time.

In all, the trip worked just fine. I spent $9 and about an hour of time (round trip) riding with some fine Chicago folks on the 606. Taxi round trip would have set me back about $50. This was way more fun.

Thanks to all for the input.
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