Cheap Aeron chairs?
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Looking for a cheap Aeron chair, or something better. Or at least something cheaper.

I'm looking for a good deal on an Aeron chair. Apparently I missed the great Dot Bomb deals and the best prices I can find are $900-1200. Any tips for good mail-order dealers?

I'm in Utah so walking into a shop to find one is unlikely. Driving to Las Vegas or maybe LA is possible, though.

I'd prefer a brand new one with warranty, not used.

Alternately, cheaper chairs that are "just as good"? The qualities I'm looking for are:

1. Adjustable. Very.
2. Available in different sizes. I am somewhat large and have long legs, and most chairs don't fit me well. Aeron size C does fit.
3. Mesh or other breathable material. No leather.
4. Preferably $600 or less.

I have yet to find a good chair at Ikea or Office Depot. Help!
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Best answer: Have you looked at the Herman Miller Mirra? I was in the market for an Aeron, but after reading about the Mirra, I found myself wanting it more. IIRC, it was made when they found out that most of the people using Aeron's had them adjusted improperly. They designed the Mirra with minimal adjustments and smarter defaults. In any case, I love mine, and I'm pretty certain you can get a new one for under $600.
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I hate Aerons. My cubicle has the amazing Steelcase Leap chair. They sell floor models on their website.
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A friend who works for a modern furniture company (and has access to all the fancy task chairs) swears by the HumanScale Liberty chair-- definitely cheaper than an Aeron, which she says actually isn't all that good.
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Best answer: I just ordered two Office Master PT 78s for the big guys at my office. They were recommended for us by an Ergonomist who did one-on-one evaluations with the whole staff. This is her number 1 pick for large frame folks because you can customize everything. If that one's too big you can try the PT 74, but from your description, you sound like you are about the same size as some of my guys who preferred the 78.
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Also, to second hwickline, the Humanscale is the chair our ergonomist recommended for smaller framed folks.
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2nding a Mirra - I use one at work and they're much better/ firmer than Aerons.
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I got my Aeron on ebay for a good price, even with shipping factored in. Better still, when the seat frame cracked, a local repair shop made a house call to replace the part for $0.00. Aerons have a 12 year warranty, as long as the ID sticker on the bottom is intact.
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Best answer: Previously on AskMeFi.
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I have an Aeron at work and don't care for it much. They seem to break often, and my legs become uncomfortable when I'm sitting in one for very long.

I got a humanscale liberty, and it's OK. I wish I could lock the back though...or raise the arms. I've got the gel seat, and it becomes uncomfortable after several hours.

I've tried a steelcase Leap chair recently, and though it's not as nice looking as the liberty, it is incredibly comfortable. I would switch in a minute if I could.
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I thought the Nightengale CXO, at OfficeDepot, was pretty nice. Lots of adjustability, headrest, breathable, designed for all-day. If it had an independent lumbar adjustment, I'd have snapped one up. However, it's outside your preferred range at $750 including delivery.
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The Steelcase Leap chair is better then the Aeron by leaps and bounds (pun intended). It actually adjusts itself to you, allowing you to lean back, change your posture, etc. The controls are all pretty intuitive and easy to adjust.

I would recommend buying one used from Craigslist. You can usually find them for around $250, but often you can bargain them down to around $200.

Just make sure to respond as soon as you see the ad, because used Leaps tend to go FAST.
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I just bought a pre-owned mid-grade "Hayworth Task Chair" from a used-office-furniture clearinghouse in Tempe, AZ. I paid $200 after tax, and it seems like a very usable chair. It's not as adjustable as a Leap (which these guys were selling for $475) but has tilt tension, adjustable armrests, the seat adjusts forwards and backwards and the back adjusts up and down. I'm happy with it so far, but YMMV, IANAEE (ergonomics expert).
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. I think I'll try the Office Master first, and if I hate that one too I'll save my money and buy an Aeron or a Leap...
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