Party jams!
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QUICK! Help me scare up some music for my Fourth of July party tomorrow! Specifics within.

Fun stuff. That you can dance to. Hip-hop, pop, etc.. Long mixes preferred. Mashups, if done really well, are great; really, Girl Talk's Night Ripper is just about a perfect example of the sort of stuff I'd be most thrilled to find, but I'm open to anything.

I know I've seen plenty of 45-minute-plus mixes hosted at various music blogs, but I'm currently out of the loop. And again, big mixes are nice but in no way essential.

Email's in profile, by the way.
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Just put in the American Edit album by Dean Gray. That pretty much covers all your criteria.
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Glassbreaks by djbc....anything by Z-trip.

Lots of stuff out there, Live105 used to have the SixxMixx archived.
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Me, I'd be sure to include Brother D with Collective Effort, "How We Gonna Make The Black Nation Rise?," which is danceable and subversive ("America was built, you understand,/ By stolen labor on stolen land...."), but you may not have my sense of humor/subversion.
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Two fairly new mix cds that i've found are good at parties are the Spank Rock Fabriclive album and the Hot Chip: DJ Kicks album. They both cover a broad spectrum of genres and are completely danceable.
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Check out this post for a few suggestions of mixes you can download. I haven't listened to any of them yet, but I've got high hopes!
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Go and download the Optimo mixes (here).
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Also, search for the thread "DJs post your mixes for download" (really just search for DJs post and mixes, as I'm not totally sure on the title). I'd offer more once I got home, but I'm pirating internet and not sure that it'll go through.
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Try getting a copy of 2 Many DJ's "As Heard On Radio Soulwax". There's a bunch of them, but I've only got a copy of volume 2.
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I dunno, "fun stuff" is pretty specific. Is it that important for your music tied to that one niche?

If you're open to anything, I suggest Mz.412.
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if you liked girl talk (night ripper was fantastic, the rest of his stuff is pretty much glitch-bore), then you should check out MissingToof. There's a LOT of crap (yes, yes, IMHO) on there (they're in love with bad electro and crappy mashups, for the most part), but there's more than a couple gems. I really like the Casio "Sexy Friends"* set they had up there (his earlier mix? Not so good).

Also would recommend the recent Prince remix they posted by (I wanna say) TEM -- 'My Name Is Prince'. Well done.

The first 2 many djs album recommended above (confusingly enough, named 'part 2') is pretty good albeit straightforward -- the other releases are largely bootleg and the quality is dubious. If you're into the glitchy side of Girl Talk's stuff, you might check out that "Mad Decent Worldwide Radio" podcast series that Diplo was putting together.

Note of warning: both Casio and MissingToof seem to use that Wordpress Plugin called "crash firefox fucking instantly", so if you have anything important going on in another browser window you might want to shut it.

* Looks like Casio just released another mix on his blog, that I'm checking out now.
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I'd check out some Kitsune Maison stuff (they're a weird indie French label) but if you're looking for mashups there's no better than Q-Unit and the Grey Album.
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