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Recommend me your favorite danceable soul music!

My sister's birthday is coming up, and she's having a soul-themed dance party. I'd like to make her a mix as a present.

I also don't know as much as I'd like to about soul music, so this is a good thing for me, too. I know some of the bigger artists, but generally only know a few of their songs. I'd love to know what great songs and artists, both classic and obscure, there are from that era.

We both like the new soul stuff too, like Cee-lo, The Noisettes' song "Never Forget You", Fitz & The Tantrums, Sharon Jones, etc. so any recommendations in that vein would also be very welcome.

Thanks in advance!

(I did check out these previous questions as well, but would still like some additional recommendations.)
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It's mentioned a couple times in those other posts, but you could spend a couple months digging through the Numero Group's Eccentric Soul collection. It's pretty goddamn epic, and there are a ton of gems in there.
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One song leaps to mind: Soul Finger by the Bar-Kays.
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Playing Gladys Knight's original version of "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" is a danceable introduction to someone I consider a more soulful singer than Aretha Franklin.
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New Orleans Funk, esp. "Check Your Bucket" and "Here Come the Girls
New Orleans Funk 2
Saturday Night Fish Fry

The Exciters - "Do Wah Diddy"
Frank Wilson - "Do I Love You"
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Raphael Saadiq. Modern, but you wouldn't know it to hear it.
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Check the sidebar tracks for more Northern Soul.
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Smith's version of Baby It's You?
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Isley Brothers!
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If you're going more contemporary you could put on Choklate's Waiting. Although if you want to keep it more classic soul, you could just put on the James Brown song it samples.
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Whatever song James Brown is dancing to here has earwormed me all week and would be a lot of fun to drop at a party. Much to my regret, I'm afraid I don't know the name of the tune or the artists involved. Perhaps someone in this thread will recognize it?
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Nathan Jones – The Supremes
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Response by poster: These are all great so far! I've slowly been making my way through them, and many of them are perfect.

For those of you recommending compilations and artists, I don't have time to go through them before the party, but I will definitely come back to them at some point.

Right now, individual songs would be the most helpful, and any links to where I could buy/download the versions you prefer would be helpful, too, but not necessary by any means. Keep them coming!

EatTheWeak: I really liked that song, too. A little bit of research came up with it being James Brown's "If You Don't Give a Doggone About It". It looks like it was something he did in the late 70's, and it's available on a couple different discs and compilations.
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WeFunk Radio, in addition to be being a great radio show, has an online player that shows the individual songs with links to purchase.
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Also check out the podcast and mix archives at Funky 16 Corners.
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It's late and I don't have time to youtube all the music links, but here's some of my favorite artists in the soul/r&b side of things: Ladi6, Mystic, Goapele, Angie Stone, Res, Betty Wright, Chrisette Michele, Cody Chestnutt, Leela James, Lina, Lucy Pearl (name of band, not of person), Marsha Ambrosius, Medusa (also cross w/hiphop), Michelle N'degeocello, Nat Rose, Teedra Moses, Tweet.
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Response by poster: Thanks again, everyone. I'm putting the mix together today, and hopefully she likes it.

drwelby: Those look great. I'll definitely be spending some time at Funky 16 corners. Thanks!

jade east: Thank you so much for all your recommendations and links! I will definitely be using some of those.

yeloson: I don't know if I'm going to have time to check out all of those artists before the party, but I'm always glad to learn about new music and will be looking into them in the future. Thanks!
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