Need some music blogs that post mixes!
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What are the best music blogs for finding mixes that I can listen to/download. This girl needs to find some new indie-rock tunes!

I feel like I've gotten into a bit of a music rut and need to expand my horizons a bit. I'm sick of reading blogs that talk about one artist or one album at a time. I'm looking for blogs that primarily post mixes - where I can glance at it, notice that I like a few artists on it, and have a pretty good idea that I might like the rest of it and hear some bands that are new to me.

Any suggestions?

My tastes tend to lean towards indie-rock, but I enjoy a fairly broad spectrum of genres. Think KEXP in Seattle, KCRW in Cali or The Current in Minneapolis for examples of what I listen to.

Bonus points
-If the blog includes downloadable MP3s or links to the mix on Spotify
-If they post at least a couple times a week
-If it works in Google Reader's RSS feed
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Chocolate Bobka posts singles but they do some pretty nice mixes, a.k.a. "Bobcasts" that you might enjoy (Bobcast #28 has a NSFW-ish image).
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Gorilla vs. Bear -- the mixes
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Best answer: I've had great luck with Did You Hear the new Mixtape?
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I got on Insound's mailing list when I bought something from them. It's the only retail list I voluntarily stay on, because they send me links to free mixtapes every other week, and free mp3s weekly. They've got the free mp3s on their site.
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Aquarium Drunkard does mixes, in addition to individual mp3s.

Chicago Mixtape does weekly mixes of local artists. [warning: audio kicks in when the site launches]

And I've been getting monthly mp3s from Spin, they're pretty good (not really a mix, per se, but music!): takes you to their site, where you'll get an itunes code for that month's songs. (You'll need an itunes account)
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Caitlyn can rock a todo list
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May not post enough for you, but I'm a fan of All Things Go.
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I might be the squarest guy I know, but I get leads on the latest and greatest indie stuff often from NPR's All Songs Considered. Though they do genre-specific programs that are sometimes entirely out of my musical taste, both the show and the listeners skew towards indie music. I mention the listeners because the show frequently solicits contributions (in its blog comments) for songs that have this or that effect on you (e.g. induce nostalgia for the 90s, make you cry, good driving tunes, etc.) and twice a year do a best-of-[year]-so-far top 100 or so, all music from the current year, which is a goldmine.

It's generally about a 40-60 minute podcast, and the music they pick is listed in the podcast notes as well as track-by-track listenable through NPR's player (they don't usually play the whole song in the podcast). I'm not sure if that player's easily ripped by direct software.
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Best answer: I've found a ton of new (to me) indie rock music from the Indie Rock Playlist and the other Indie Rock Playlist.

Both post monthly and include around 120 tracks apiece so, while they're not updated as frequently as you say you'd prefer, they definitely offer plenty to listen to. Both playlists are generally offered as a torrent or direct download from the links above.

Bonus style points for both playlists: they design cover art for each installment, so they look nice on your mp3 player.
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Response by poster: These are great, and should keep me busy for awhile! I found at least a few things I liked about each site, but marked my personal favorites as Best Answers.

Thanks all!
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If you hit sites your interested in-then jump to THEIR goes on and on and on .
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Best answer: Last Year's Girl
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I just stumbled across a lovely little site that seemed to have just came into being:

It's a nice idea; I'm interested to see where it will go
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