Slide guitar in that antipot add...
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There is a recent series of anti-pot adds that are line drawings with some handwritten text and music. No talking. One of them is a guy in a window offering a J to a dog. The music is country style slide guitar. Does anyone know what that song is? I am pretty sure I have heard it before and that it is not written just for the add.
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I know that Charlie Campbell did the music for at least one spot--this is the twinkly song from the ad with the alien--but I've heard that he's done more than that. I'm not sure. Perhaps you could e-mail him?

Here is a link to his site. If I find any more information, I'll post again. :)
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Wow, looking through his site, he's done a lot of the "pleasant little tunes" I've heard on TV commercials. I'm pretty certain that he's your man. He says on his site, however, that he only has a long version of the song I linked. I don't think he has the one for the ad you're talking about.

You might like "Keeping Time," the jaunty track from the Sundance Channel commercials. I had no idea that Campbell composed both that track and the anti-pot ad tunes! Pretty cool dude.

Great question. I learned something new. :)
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It looks like ElectricBlue was spot on, Charlie Campbell links to it from his "News" page, the name of the spot is "Walk Yourself" so I guess it was written just for the PSA.
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Wait a minute, I thought he was supposed to get detached from his own thinking after giving the doobie to the doggie once at the age of 15.

Or am I mixing things up again? ... Dangit, I knew undergoing puberty was a bad idea.
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Wow, I had no idea that was Charlie's music! Explains why I liked it, I guess.

(This very old song I posted on MeFi Music also has music by Charlie Campbell.)
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Thanks, litlnemo. That song is excellent. :)

Gosh, MeFi always makes me think, "What a small world!"
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