Sounds like the future!
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What's this musical style/genre called?

The "atomic age" music that went along with "home of the future" type ads in the 50s/60s. Also I remember hearing cheesy music like what I'm thinking of on the Peoplemover at Disneyland when I was a kid. Something that might go along with ads like Plan59 has.

Sergio Mendez/Brasil '66 comes close, but it's not exactly it. Pointers to YT/audio samples appreciated.
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Best answer: Space Age Pop, maybe?

Give a listen (streaming Windows Media or Realmedia) to the Retro Cocktail Hour; it's probably got quite a bit of what you're searching for.
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Not sure what the genre is called, but Esquivel has a CD called "Space-Age Bachelor Pad Music" that might fit the bill. Check out the tune Surfboard. It's sort of like a kitchy latin lounge vibe.
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Exotica? Lounge?
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The description (apart from the Mendez/Brasil 66 part) reminds me of stuff like Fantastic Plastic Machine. Is this what you were thinking of? Or were you thinking of some more bossa nova?
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I have a large number of '60s Disneyland mp3s, some of which might be in line with what you're after. Email's in my profile.
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Now Sound
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Sounds like you want Production Music. Check out the Music for TV Dinners CDs. Samples are available on the Amazon pages. They also play production music on the Retro Cocktail hour as linked above.
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Maybe certain Thievery Corporation songs?
Or maybe something by Jazzanova or Bonobo, especially their older stuff...
Or even maybe one of the Verve//Remixes...

I can't conjure up any memories of Peoplemover at Disney, so I'm just throwin' some ideas out...
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You might also like Jean-Jacques Perrey and his various side projects.

And check out Towa Tei's solo items, especially Technova.

Kind of sounds like what might be playing on the Jetsons flying cars' radios.
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> Sounds like you want Production Music.

Production Music is not a style or genre. It's music written on spec and lodged with a Production Library so producers and other people looking for music can get larges selections of samples and trawl to find something that suits their needs. The music itself can be in any style or genre.
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There's was specific name for the genre when it was created, although "Space Age Bachelor Pad Music" was applied after the fact, along with other attempts at naming.
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Best answer: Exotica is probably the most accurate, but is a little broader than you're thinking. Are you asking about a genre name for informational purposes, or because you want to hear more? Assuming the latter, just point your favorite internet radio streamer to:
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Harry Shearer uses some of this stuff when he "Reads the Trades" on Le Show—with the pizzicato violins and the like. I've been trying forever to find out what the song he uses is called. John K. used to use the same genre on "Ren & Stimpy" all the time. I think "Space Age Bachelor Pad" is close, but not a direct hit.
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space age bachelor pad music is how it's defined in my experience.
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Is it "Incidental music"? FWIW That term seems to pop in my head.
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Response by poster: "Space age bachelor pad" it is, I guess. I'm both interested in hearing more, but also being able to describe it to other people. luxuriamusic had some in it. Retro cocktail hour sounded very much like what I'm talking about on first listen. Both bookmarked.

I guess brasil '66 was a red herring. I was thinking more of the instrumentation than the bossa nova style. Ren & Stimpy did have EXACTLY the thing, now that I think about it.

Thanks for the helpful answers.
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Response by poster: p.s. Fantastic Plastic Machine was perfect, until the beat started.
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You might want to listen to SomaFM's Illinois Street Lounge station, which they describe as "Classic bachelor pad, playful exotica and vintage music of tomorrow." (It's free internet radio.)
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My "go to" for this kind of awesome stuff is Space Age Pop. Intros to the different sub-genres (tiki, police/crime, space, etc), bios of the key players, etc. Ultra-groovy.
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