Light my way to this song, Blue-nosed Guitar Man.
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Rochester, NYers, Christmas music-ID buffs, or anyone familiar with Armand Schaubroeck: what is the song in the background of the classic House of Guitars Christmas television commercial?

I grew up seeing the goofy claymation commercials for House of Guitars on TV every Easter and Christmas. I always liked the song in the Christmas commercial and probably should recognize it (it feels like a classic) but I don't, and I can't make out enough lyrics to figure it out via Google. (And I was surprised how hard to find online it was; that was the best version I could find and they don't even have the "Hop! Hop!" ad at all.) I'd like to know what it is once and for all so I can add it to my holiday playlist. Help!
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I've always assumed it's Elvis Presley's Merry Christmas Baby.
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Best answer: Elvis, in one of many versions, singing Santa Claus is Back in Town...
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Response by poster: Thank you so much! I actually wondered if it was Elvis because he's, you know, in the commercial, but it didn't sound much like him to me. My bad. You have made my holiday much brighter, hooray!
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And let us celebrate with White Hots, or Garbage Plates, or burgers covered with meaty hot sauce and remember walking over piles of records in the back room of the HOG...
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And rides on the Midtown Monorail through Magic Mountain..... oh, wait.
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And if you think "hop hop" is hard to find, try looking for an ad for J + E Grocery!
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