Looking for music that is similar too Lazyboy and Baz Lurhman
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Looking for similiar music recomendation so far i can only think of two songs in this type of genre which are LAZYBOY Underwear Goes Inside The Pants and Everybody's Free (to wear sunscreen) Baz Lurhman. I know there is a few type of rap song that are in this genre that are spoken word stuff that is design to make you think set to a beat i am hoping other in the hive mind might be able to share a few recomendations.
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"No Sex in the Champagne Room" by Chris Rock? I don't know if it is designed to "make you think" though.
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Thou Shalt Always Kill is huge right now.

And try Akala while you're at it.
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Fear of Pop (a side project of Ben Folds) has a hilarious tune in this vein called "In Love." William Shatner does the spoken word bit.
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What about that MC 900 Ft Jesus song "The City Sleeps"? About the arsonist?

And speaking of Ben Folds and William Shatner, there's a cut on Has Been (which, people never believe me, but it's actually kind of a good album) called "What Have You Done", about finding his dead wife in their pool, that is' pretty much devastating. But, er, it's more spoken-word than spoken-word-to-a-beat, if I remember correctly.
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"Words Of Advice For Young People" by William S. Burroughs?
(video is by some random guy and doesn't really add much to the experience for mine)
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Desiderata, and its parody, Deteriorata.
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Someone put the song "Ramblin' Man" by Lemon Jelly on a mix CD for me once, and I think it's the type of thing you're looking for.
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All the stuff I've heard from Soul Coughing has been, basically, spoken word stuff set to music, with just a few nods in the general direction of rap.
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Henry Rollins' stuff.

Half of the Bill Hicks records.
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Desiderata, and its parody, Deteriorata.

And its rather depressing establishment analogue, "An Open Letter to my Teenage Son", by Victor Lundberg.
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Sent From Sandy Shores by Adventure Time (MySpace, 30 second preview) features Saul Williams doing his spoken word over beats.
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Nada Surf - Popular is the most mainstream example that comes to mind. Deep? No. But it does make its own statement in its own sophomoric way.

A number of underground hiphop types have little tracks like this. One particularly weird example that comes to mind is MC Paul Barman - A Somewhat New Medium.

Also, some of Cake's earlier/weirder stuff straddles the line of spoken word (when John McCrea didn't even TRY to sing.) Race Car Ya-Yas, Mr. Mastodon Farm, etc. How much it's meant to make you think is, again, questionable, in that quasi-free-association way.

Seconding Soul Coughing, though the best examples there are more narrative. Check out the track Screenwriter's Blues.

And thirding the Shatner/Folds commentary, the album Has Been has a few tracks along these lines.
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"People Who Died" - The Jim Carroll Band
"Pepper" - Butthole Surfers
"Drinking in L.A." - Bran Van 3000

Also, check out Patti Smith's album Horses. I don't know her stuff that well, but she kind of spoke and sung.
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I was going to suggest a version of Pulp's Common People that I'd heard read by William Shatner, but turns out, that's on Has Been too.
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Actually, Helga-woo, all of Shatner's music is basically similar.

See also Sprechgesang ("speak-singing"). Or just, you know, talking blues or folk, such as Alice's Restaurant. These may be getting away from what you really want, but they're really the same basic idea. Maybe "19" is more what you want?
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it's not set to music, but hearing Bob Dylan read his "last thoughts on woody guthrie" is inspiring. i know you're looking for songs, but please check this out anyway. he has a rhythmic way of reading it, and i think it's brilliant.
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From far out at the fringes, I'd recommend Laurie Anderson's album Mister Heartbreak. While the lyrics are classic experimental spoken word, the music is more accessible than her more experimental works. Plus, it features the above-mentioned William S. Burroughs on one track. The beats may not be the kind you're looking for (it was released in 1984) but it's definitely music to think to.
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Gil Scott-Heron "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised"
More King Missile! "The Indians"
"Jesus was Way Cool"
"Gay Not Gay"
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Sir John Betjeman - On A Portrait Of A Deaf Man
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To hop on earlier suggestions— Every song by King Missile. This is what they do.
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Response by poster: thank you everyone i am glad to see there is a word for what i am looking for desiderta thank you all
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Hey Pretty (Drive-By 2001 Remix) on the "Haunted" CD by POE.
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