How can I open a specific web shortcut (from the desktop) in a specific web browser?
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How can I open a specific web shortcut (from the desktop) in a specific web browser?

I can't believe this is as hard as I'm finding it to be so perhaps I'm missing something very very simple.

I have created a shortcut to a website that will only work in IE. I also have Firefox setup on this machine so that it is the default web browser. I want the user to use Firefox for almost everything web related they do, expect for this one site.

To make things simple on them, I put a copy of this shortcut on their desktop. I know if they open the shortcut from within IE's Favorites, they can go there no problem. But from the desktop, Firefox is the browser that gets launched and the site won't work in it. I'm really trying to make things as dead simple as I can for this lady.

So is this possible, or is she just going to have to go into IE and then launch it from there?

Thanks for any help you can provide folks!
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What's the operating system in question?
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You can either use ieTab to have Firefox open that site using the IE render engine, or try this:

1. Create a new shortcut on your desktop, and under "Location" just type "explorer". Go through the rest of the Wizard, until the shortcut is on the desktop
2. Right click on the shortcut and under the "Shortcut" tab, under Target, add the URL you want to open in IE after "explorer.exe", so it'll read:


or whatever site you want. Hope that helps!
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You could try putting a made-up extension on the file, like ".poo" or something, and then when you double click it and pick IE and "always use this application" or whatevah. No windows machine available, can't test it.
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The made-up extension doesn't work.

IETab will, though. You can configure it so that certain sites (or whole domains) ALWAYS open in IE, even if FF is your default.
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Mikey's works, except that instead of explore.exe or %windir%\explore.exe you need to navigate to c:\program files\internet explorer and pick iexplore.exe. then put the URL in the shortcut AFTER the close quotation marks for the path to IE. You can do it after you choose iexplore.exe in the "new shortcut" wizard by pasting the URL after the quotes in the "type the location" field.
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the same technique works for firefox as well.
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What rhizome said. Just make a copy of the Firefox icon, right-click and get properties and put the web address after the firefox.exe
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(after the ")
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"explorer.exe" is the Windows shell.

It has nothing whatever to do with "internet explorer", which is "iexplore.exe".
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SCDB, I found that creating a shortcut on the desktop to "%windir%\explorer.exe" (rather than just "explorer"), and then appending "" to it by right-clicking the shortcut and editing its properties, works fine. Win XP, IE7, YMMV. The fact that explorer is the Windows shell has nothing to do with it.
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"explorer.exe" is the Windows shell.
it's also the file manager
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And it also launches Internet Explorer when asked to open an http:// URL. You can try this for yourself - just open My Computer, then paste into the address bar.
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rhizome's answer got it working perfectly for me. Thanks.
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