I need to buy a video camera for my podcast on a budget, any suggestions.
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What is a good video camera to buy for starting out podcasting it needs to cost less than 600CAD$ or 541USD$ A camera that would support decent microphones because i hear a good mic is always a great thing to get as well. Something that also directly exports to digital via firewire or something with little to no additional camera specific software. I'm looking for direct model number references and possible explanations as to why they would be a good candidate for my purchase. I haven't gone video camera shopping before so I may need some spoon-feeding but I did take a films course back in high school a couple years ago.
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I thought podcasting was an audio medium. Why do you need a video camera to podcast?
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Response by poster: there is video podcasting
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it's way under your budget, but the flip video camera has been all over the web this week and apparently getting good reviews. Might be good just for starting out.
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I like the Panasonic PV-GS150. The image quality is amazing (3 ccd), it can readily accept pretty much any kind of mic. By default it comes with a collection of different kinds of remotes, so that you can easily film yourself, it's very small, and it just hits your price point.

My wife got me one last year, and I love it.

My only complaints are that it can also do still photography, and the shutter release for this sits where I think the zoom controls should be. And while not difficult, there is a learning curve to the controls, so you would have to at least glance at the manual before you could get full use out of it.

Other than those minor quibbles, it's a really great camera.
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For video podcasting, video quality is not a big issue, audio is. Get an inexpensive miniDV camcorder with a 1394 interface (aka FireWire or iLink) and a mic input. Buy a decent (not expensive) external mic and plug it into the camcorder for your audio (voice).
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Response by poster: I figured Im a bit of an audiophile so i need my quality sound :P
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The Amazon reviews for the flip camera linked to above don't quite convince me: too samey.

The best sound is by xlr input, so that might guide you; i think you're unlikely to get it at your price point, but maybe worth a search.
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