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Where can I find cute/sexy underwear online that will not cost half of my paycheck?

Victoria's Secret 5/$25 underwear was a good deal before it stopped being cute. Victoria's Secret bras were also a good deal before they 1. made all of their normal bras have tons of padding and 2. stopped making their specialty bras for a wide range of sizes.

I want to pay under $10 for panties and under $45 for (good quality and comfortable) bras, what do you suggest?
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Target actually has fantastic stuff at great prices. Check out the clearance rack, there are always a wide range of sizes in lots of cute styles. Also, I've found ton of cute stuff at tj max and marshalls.
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Do you have to buy them online? Because if they have any of those Marshalls/Ross/TJ Maxx/Lohmans/Steinmart chains near you, that's where I'd go for cheap stuff. Otherwise I usually shop here. They have quality stuff & sometimes they have good sales too.
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Also, I LOVE Jezebel bras and panties. They are reasonably priced and super cute. Macy's carries a pretty good selection and, like everything else, you can also find it online.
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3rd-ing TJ Maxx and Marshalls: great brands (Calvin Klein, DKNY, Natori, etc.) at really, astoundingly good prices, usually <$10 for panties and <$20 for bras. You've got to check back frequently, our local TJ Maxx gets at least 3 deliveries a week.
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Figleaves is always having a sale; it's often better than the current "up to 30 % off," so maybe that comes later in the year.
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Have you tried Froogle? Maybe something like this.
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Le Mystere is at the top end of your budget but a very good fit, with a great range of sizes as well (i've linked to their stuff at figleaves). They're stocked in a lot of stores like Dillards so you can try them on beforehand.

Also Maidenform isn't bad at all -- they're a little on the basic side, but good quality and in the $15-$30 range.

If you're a larger cup size, Freya is about $10 over your budget for bras but have a great fit and are great for their price - i just bought the "Yasmin" set and really love it (and I normally spend a fortune on bras!).

Pour Moi?
is another reasonable-yet-fashionable brand, around $40 for a bra.

Charnos are really good at making simple-but-pretty bras - their skinvisible bra is just at your top end.

There's also always Wacoal, which is about $60 a bra but quite well-known so you can normally find it in sales. Tons of women swear by their bras as being super-comfortable.

If you're not doing it already, you can get your bras to last a lot longer by hand-washing or washing in a lingerie bag on a gentle cycle.
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I can't speak to the bra selection or quality, but American Eagle's Aerie line has lots of cute, inexpensive cotton underwear in a variety of styles. In my experience, they also don't do the Victoria's Secret thing where they start fraying after a few rounds in the laundry. Caveat: it's a teen store, so there's nothing overtly sexy.
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I was just going to gush about the cute AE undies I just bought. 6 for $20. First purchase I've ever made there. Cute, rather than sexy, but true to size, and as an XL in undies, that rules!
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I have some of those AE undies too. They are cute and I got them on a good sale.

La Redoute seems to often have bras for amazingly cheap.
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My sister liked my Gap undies so much she stole them from me when I was home for winter break. I think they were around $8. If you have a GapBody near you, check it out; seems like they're always having crazy sales.
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Your sister steals your underwear???
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sigh. I wish bras existed in my size for under $45. I've never paid less than $90. It's so frustrating. But I too have bought from figleaves and although for me it wasn't cheaper (with duty and the exchange from GBP) they have a good selection and it's easy. The only thing is, I would recommend knowing what brands work for you in which sizes before you buy online. For example I know I can order Fantasie and Freya in a particular size and it will fit.
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Ambrosia Voyeur wrote: I was just going to gush about the cute AE undies I just bought. 6 for $20. First purchase I've ever made there. Cute, rather than sexy, but true to size, and as an XL in undies, that rules!

Dammit, me too! You can get them in everything from plain white, to dotted, to ORANGE. Friday is now my official Orange Underpants Day. 6 for $20 is a fantastic deal (especially when you translate it into UK pounds) and they feel like they have a long life ahead of them.
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true to size, and as an XL in undies, that rules!

When you say they are true to size, does that mean they are bigger than the usual XL or smaller?
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Well, I mean that I define them as "the usual XL" and relegate some other panties to the status of outlier. Data point: My ass is currently inhabiting a size 16.
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