What other business news coverage is similar to NPR's Marketplace?
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What other business news coverage is similar to NPR's Marketplace?

It could be a magazine, a radio show, whatever. Something with a more progessive perspective that does compelling stories with interesting narratives. Not necessarily corporate investigative exposes, but also not necessarily business coverage geared towards business people. Thought provoking coverage of current events and trends in business for thinking people who aren't necessarily business oriented in their professional lives.
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try nightly business report on your local pbs station. they rock and paul kangas' odd wave goodbye is the funniest thing ever.
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Best answer: The Wall Street Journal. It is about 80 percent geared to business people, but the other 20 percent includes great, in-depth articles every day, with just amazing writing.
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Yeah if you have never really sat down with the WSJ there's a good chance you don't really know what it's like. I found a deal for one year of the paper and the online access for $80 not long ago, a price comparable to my local, the Washington Post.

The editorial page is pretty conservative but the paper itself tends to be neutral or moderate.
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I really like Marketplace.

NPR has an "economy" podcast that often covers similar ground. It's a collection of a few stories from other NPR shows. Usually not as good as marketplace but better than nothing.
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Marketplace has a weekend show about personal finance that's really good as well.
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Best answer: Saucy Intruder is talking about Marketplace Money. There is also Marketplace Morning Report. They are all available for streaming online or as podcasts.
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The WSJ also has an excellent morning show called Wall Street Journal This Morning from 6-9 on XM Radio, on the Talk Right channel, 166.
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I get offers in the mail all the time for the WSJ including weekend WSJ and online access for $59. call them and see if they will give you that one.
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