gender substitution in mainstream music
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Can anyone think of any bands who have switched a male member for a female member or vice versa?

I'm looking for mainstream bands - that is, bands promoted through major record labels, played on the radio and such - who were traditionally all male and gained a female band member or had a token female member and got rid of her for a male.
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Well, after Ian Curtis died the remaining members of Joy Division formed New Order with new member Gillian Gilbert. Maybe not what you were looking for ...

How about The Human League? After two male members quit (to go and form Heaven 17) they were replaced by Susanne Sulley and Joanne Catherall.
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thanks so much! keep 'em coming, though. haha. I'm doing a study in gender bias in the music industry. Im trying to analyze record sales data from before and after "the switch". I'm also looking at press releases to analyze the different wording choices that were used in both instances.
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Sara Lee took over on bass after Dave Allen left Gang of Four.
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Definitely check out the Human League then - the contrast between how the band was perceived before and after the switch (and the change in their music) was quite startling.

Fleetwood Mac spring to mind as well - to simplify horribly V 1.0 (exclusively male blues band) versus V 2.0 (two women added, successful MOR).
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Scrawl was all women and replaced one with a man. They were on Elektra for a while--don't know if they got much radio play.

Also on Elektra, Luna were all guys and switched to a female bassist late in the game. Again, dunno about radio play.
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The Cramps have had a bunch of lineup changes through the years. At one point they had a female bass player. I think they had a male bassist for their last couple of albums, though.

Also, The Fall. The band lineup prectically changes with each album, and several females have served time. Most notably frontman Mark E. Smith's (then) wife, Brix, who many see as the driving force behind the band's more pop-oriented sound (and I believe, better record sales) in the mid-80's.
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any examples for more male dominated genres, like metal? or what about in a female dominated genre like the riotgrrrl movement?
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Weren't the Black-Eyed Peas all male before Fergie showed up?
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Sneaker Pimps swapped their frontwoman for a frontman on their 2nd album...
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A metal example would be Arch Enemy- former male singer was replaced by a female. More info here.
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Also regarding Arch Enemy- the Wiki article linked says that the previous male singer was "asked to leave" and then replaced with the new female singer.
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Weren't the Black-Eyed Peas all male before Fergie showed up?

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Le Tigre is an all-female post-riot grrrl electro-punk group. Between their two most recent albums, they dropped one of their female co-founding members in favor of former roadie and new group member JD Samson, a lesbian who visually passes for male, but who openly self-identifies as "herm", i.e. androgynous, rather than outright FTM.

Unfortunately, the group officially broke up four days ago.
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with the black eyed peas, it would be interesting to analyze the "persona"/ press associated with both females. so thanks for that!
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Shaun Murphy took over fronting the reformed Little Feat after Craig Fuller left in the early nineties.
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I believe one of the early incarnations of Malcolm McLaren's Bow-Wow-Wow featured Boy George as a lead singer.
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Also, I believe No Doubt originally was fronted by John Spence, before Gwen Stefani.
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Prince -- Drummer:
(male) Bobby Rivkin, then (female) Sheila E, then (male) Michael Bland.

Black Flag -- Bass player:
(male) Chuck Dukowski, then (female) Kira Roessler.

Germs -- Drummer:
(female) Belinda Carlisle, then (male) Don Bolles
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The Wedding Present, as well as other David Gedge bands such as the Lost Pandas and Cinerama has had many line-ups, involving both genders.
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Rasputina. I don't know if the Vrenna as drummer on the most popular album counts, since he's not included in the list of bands, it was all electronic, and I don't remember him on tour. It was clearly an 'all ladies' band at first and now has a male cellist.
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Whoops, count me wrong, not a cellist. However, he's one of only two members at the current time. (I have not kept up with the band, I just remember hearing things.)
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As far as No Doubt, Gwen Stefani and John Spence were both there from the beginning, though the focus was supposed to be more on him. (Mine was. He was hot like the sun.)
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The Velvet Underground, of course.
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spoon's original bass player, andy mcguire, was a chick. now the low end is held down by josh zarbo.
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The Raincoats started out with a mixed line-up and later became an all-women band.

The Slits had a male drummer (Bruce Smith) for a while.
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I think Ash started as an all male band, got notice and a hit record, and gained a female member (Charlotte Hatheley). They seem to fit your description pretty well.
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Prince also started with Dez Dickerson who was swapped out for Wendy Melvion
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Cowboy Mouth
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Charlotte Hatherley's a good example, because she was picked after an audition. (And she's now left the band.)

Justine Frischmann was in an early (pre record-deal) incarnation of Suede, before breaking up with Brett Anderson and forming Elastica.

Spiritualized lost Kate Radley on keyboards after she split up with Jason Pierce to become Mrs Richard Ashcroft -- or more exactly, she left during the early days of touring Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space, their break-up album.
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I believe one of the early incarnations of Malcolm McLaren's Bow-Wow-Wow featured Boy George as a lead singer.

He only sang at a few live gigs, under the name Lieutenant Lush, and Annabella Lwin was in the band at the time, so no substitution there.

Your study sounds really interesting, frankie_stubbs, will you be posting your findings online when you've done the research?
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Wow, I'm surprised no one mentioned the Beastie Boys. In their early incarnation as a punk band, they had a female drummer.
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How about Luna? Britta Phillips replaced bassist Justin Harwood--I'm not sure why. But remember the 80s cartoon Jem? She did the singing voice for the Jem herself!
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More Prince bandmembers:

Dez Dickerson on guitar replaced by Wendy Melvoin after 1999.
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It's not really what you're after, but the music and career of Tom Waits shifted considerably after he started collaborating with Kathleen Brennan.
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Charlotte Hatherley joined ash at a later stage. Ash were originally a 3 piece band. I don't think she switched or replaced anyone.

She just, kinda, joined.

Then left.
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Didn't Kate Schellenbach (later of Luscious Jackson) start out in the Beastie Boys?
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The new male Rasputina member is a singer and drummer, not a cellist. But if anything, that makes a bigger difference — Melora Creager's ultra-girly voice is such a big part of their original sound that hearing a man harmonizing with her is a bit of a shock.
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sure, i'll post my findings. it might be a while, though. it would be nice to get some objective feedback.
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There was a woman in Gwar for a couple albums, her name was Slymenstra Hymen and this link seems to indicate that she "was instrumental to the success of Gwar"

There was also the underated 80's speed metal band Snowhite, who gained some success after adding Nicole Lee, a female vocalist and changing their name to Znowhite with an umlaut over that o, but I don't know how to do that. The Metal Maidens website has some good stuff but it's kind of hard to read.
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Courtney Love fronted Faith No More for a spell.
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Chuck Dukowski stepped down from bass duties in Black Flag, and was replaced by Kira..... I know it's not really mainstream, and the opposite of what you asked, but it's all I can remember, other than The Cramps.......
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The Grateful Dead went through a number of line-up changes, most often at the keyboard spot. In October 1971, Keith and Donna Jean Gochaux both joined -- Keith at the keyboard, Donna Jean singing. Before marrying Keith, Donna Jean had been singing at Muscle Shoals in Alabama and had recorded on albums by Elvis, Aretha and Otis Redding. Her and Keith introduced themselves to Jerry Garcia at one of his solo shoes in San Francisco (she reportedly told Garcia that Keith should play with the Dead; he ended up hiring them both.) They played with the band until 1979. Although Keith's playing was well-liked by fans, Donna was occasionally faulted for bad pitch problems -- worsened/caused by the fact the band didn't give her her own on-stage monitor.
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White Zombie was formed by Rob Zombie and his then girlfriend and bassist, Sean Yseult. The band broke up and they parted ways, Rob Zombie has gone on to direct a movie, be very successful and well known, while Sean has been playing in lots of other cool bands that not too many people are aware of. As of September 2006, she's been playing bass for The Cramps. Regarding The Cramps, the female guitarist, Poison Ivy has always been with them. I don't think she replaced anybody.

Well, these aren't exactly as mainstream as you were looking for, but I can't think of any hugely popular bands that have had a gender switch.
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The Comateens started out as a trio with one guy and two girls. Then guitarist Ramona Jan was replaced Oliver North, brother of bassist Nic North.
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drive by truckers
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Walter Carlos (film soundtracks....)...became...Wendy Carlos
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Actually, Prince has had males and females in every role in his bands over the years, including drums & percussion, bass, rhythm guitar, keyboards, horns, and dancing foil.
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I'm not sure if this answers the query exactly, but it should be interesting to read.

The power metal band Stratovarius briefly hired a woman to sing after the guitarist fired the previous vocalist. This apparently lead to a huge uproar amongst their fanbase. I even heard some sort of rumor that the guitarist was nearly killed by a crazed "fan" in Spain who was angry about the switch.
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thank you to everyone who gave suggestions! you have definitely given me a lot of great ideas. not to mention, saved me a lot of time looking at band histories to find these case examples. I could only think of five bands off the top of my head. So once again, thanks so much. I will be posting my findings in the future.
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