Disappearing XBOX 360 downloads
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XBOX 360 downloaded levels disappearing

I own & enjoy Call of Duty 2 for the 360, and had purchased two map packs for the game. Eventually, the original game disc got lost & I purchased a replacement copy used - while everything works fine, the extra maps/levels I bought via XBL and downloaded (and had been playing for months) no longer show up in the map list, despite me being signed in as the same user who purchased them. Anyone out there had this experience, or know of a solution?
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Did you try redownloading them?
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I know there are problems with the recent Call of Duty 3 map pack but haven't heard anything about CoD2.
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Best answer: Is it possible that the used copy is the Game of the Year edition? If so, it may be considered a different title, and your old downloads wouldn't show up. To check this, go the Dashboard, then the System tab, then Memory, All Devices, Games. If there are two entries for Call of Duty 2, this is what's happened. And if that's the case, you're kind of out of luck, and need to find another copy of the game. I doubt you can convince Microsoft to let you download them again for the new game.

Other than that, my only suggestion would be to download them again. You can re-download anything you've already bought for free. If it tries to charge you, then something is screwed up on Microsoft's end (or you really bought it with a different profile).
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So, jonson, by marking that as a 'right' answer, are you saying that you did look in the games list and it did have a different entry?
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