Updates on tv House Flippers
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Any fan sites with updates on the tv house flipping shows that are on A&E or HGTV?

My mom really likes watching these shows, and she heard that there are fan sites out there that track down the MLS listings and the people involved in the house flipping, and find out what the houses really sell for, because most of the time the show doesn't even tell you if it sold.

Ive tried to find something like that, but have failed.
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there was a story in the new yorker or nyt a month or so back on the realtors in one of these shows ... the malibu real estate one. they were saying that they wished business was half as easy as it was back when they shot the first season.
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Best answer: Television Without Pity has a How-To Reality Show forum that discusses each show, and many members track down the MLS listings.
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Best answer: Not related to the show, but there a few blogs about flipping, mostly with titles like Flippers in Trouble.
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