Online ipod repair
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Anyone have experience with mail-in iPod repair?

Smashed the screen on my 30GB, 2nd Gen Video iPod. Previous metafilter questions suggested However, is a bit cheaper. Can anyone shed any light on these two services?
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I've never used ipodmods but iPodResQ is part of MacResQ, which has had an excellent reputation in the Mac community since they opened. I used them once in 1997ish and have had relatives use them twice more recently, always with great results.
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Here is the saga of the iPod Mechanic, as told by consumer rights advocate website The Consumerist. The posts are in chronological order from end to beginning.
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I've used ResQ for iBook stuff. I was pleased.
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I used CPR Technology for my 4 Gen iPod. For a video ipod it's only $75 vs. $110 @ ipodmods or $120 @ ipodresq.

And if you live in the NYC area, you can even swing by their "offices."
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I used ipodmods. They did everything they said they'd do, it cost about $40 and the ipod works like a charm.
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