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Is there ANY version of Seven Spanish Angels by Ray Charles and Willie Nelson that does not fade out at the end?
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I've never heard a studio version without the fadeout (stupid 1980s... grumble grumble...). You'll probably have better luck with a live version; according to allmusic.com, the song is included on several of Willie's live albums. But as much as I love me some Willie Nelson, that song's not the same without Ray, and I don't know of a live Willie + Ray version. (This is a spectacularly unhelpful answer. I'm sorry.)
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This is not what you asked for, but theres a very lovely version on a vintage broadcast of Prairie Home Companion with Willie and the mariachi band El Mariachi Los Galleros de Pedro Rey. Its at 11:41 into the stream, and its just a great version.
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Response by poster: Good idea about the live recording. This is a live DVD: The Willie Nelson Special - With Special Guest Ray Charles. I think I'm going to try it and hope for the best.

But if anyone else knows of a CD without the fadeout, please let me know!
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Response by poster: Update - I got the DVD and it does NOT fadeout. Yipee!
posted by n'muakolo at 1:04 PM on January 3, 2007

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